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Aug 21, 2010
Feb 10, 2009
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north east, uk
administrator and beauty therapist

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PetForums VIP, from north east, uk

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Aug 21, 2010
    1. Pumpkin
      Hey hun how are you? Sorry i haven't replied in ages i've recently moved home and i have been having so many problems with my internet lol.
      Hows Sheldon and Missy?
      Pumpkin and Treacle are good. Pumpkin is getting so big now lol where as Treacle just doesn't seem like she's growing hehe. xx
    2. suzy93074
      Yr welcome! I really enjoyed it;):)
    3. kittykat
      You're welcome :) I hate it when no-one replies too, its so rude! lol
    4. Deleted member 24724
      Deleted member 24724
      Wow, I love your avatar/profile pic! :D
    5. Pumpkin
      Hey hun, sorry i haven't replied in ages not been able to get on and been dead busy! lol.
      Yea i did register him on the felix website hehe. So your not seeing double lol.
      How are you? xx
    6. Malaguti
      Yes, they're great those fire engines and tanks. They were on the Apprentice as well. Of course you have to get Sheldon presents! Shame they don't do birthday cakes for cats - maybe there's a gap in the market to be exploited :)

      Hope you find something nice for Sheldon :)
    7. Malaguti
      I'm glad he likes it! I've become very sceptical as well where cat toys are concerned but there was something about that fish (mainly the size I think cos Tigger is such a lump of a cat :) ) Other toys that are popular in this house are the DaBird, The mouse I got from Tesco filled with loose catnip from [email protected], oh and he loves a tiny little felt covered mouse I got as a freebie. I tend to rub the loose catnip over that to get him interested again or the spray. There's a brilliant thing in Your Cat magazine which I want to get for Tigger. It's called the pawbreaker and is basically a big gobstopper sized ball made entirely of Catnip. Cats can play with it and eat it!! OH says no don't get it cos he doesn't want drool all over the floor lol

      Here's the link to the pawbreaker (from the magazine)

      Pet London Cats Corner

      or how about a cute box for sheldon to play in? It comes complete with a soft blanket. Mind you, I thought £13 was a bit much for a cardboard box. There's loads of lovely things in that magazine this month.

      Box link:

      Kitty carton | designer cat and dog beds, blankets, accessories
    8. Malaguti
      Oh Hayley - your sheldon is sooooo gorgeous!!! Seriously, I think I'm in love all over again xxxx. What a beatiful pic with him on top of the door! That wld look great with a caption on the lolcats website. Great news about the fish - hope sheldon is enjoying it now. Tigger sleeps with his every night - great really cos I can put him in a 'strategic' spot on the bed now he he he. Last night he had his paws folded over the fish like it was a desk. All it needed was the caption 'the cat doctor will see you now' lol. I refresh the fish every few days with a catnip spray as well so that may help with Sheldon as well? All the very best :)
    9. Pumpkin
      Aww bless him, do you keep him as an indoor cat or does he go outside? My 2 are both indoor so i dont think it would matter to much if you were in a flat or not as long as theres room they'll be fine! lol. xx
    10. Pumpkin
      To be fair Pumpkin was a big style attention seeker aswell.... actually he still is lol.
      How old is Sheldon??
    11. Pumpkin
      Nope not long at all! lol. We've had Pumpkin for 6 weeks and Treacle just over a week hehe. The 1st day was lots of hissing and spitting by both of them. The 2nd day was just from her as Pumpkin just wanted to play and the 3rd day they were playing together and cuddling up together when they slept (which is just the cutest thing).
      I know what you mean about toys... these 2 seem to prefer wrappers and paper to any of the lovely toys i've brought them!! lol. You defo have to persuade your OH. hehe xx
    12. Pumpkin
      Hehe. Mental kitty jumping out the window! lol.
      Honestly gettin another one was a god send.... Pumpkin was completely mental and kept jumpin all over us and everything else. Now we have Treacle he's calmed down loads as they tend to keep each other occupied. They still go mental every so often but its so lovely to watch when there playing together, its hours of entertainment!!! lol. xx
    13. katie200
      im going to get smokey a de bird it looks fun
    14. katie200
      thank for the link i will try it
    15. Pumpkin
      Aww thankyou. I know what you mean about the morning thing, Pumpkin was really bad at it until we got Treacle!!! lol. Now he doesn't do it so often lol.
      And when i thought of the name Pumpkin that was it... it just stuck hehe.
      As for Treacle she is a little monster hehe. But i love her colouring coz she is spotted just down one side haha. love it xx
    16. katie200
      whats a de bird and my kitten ripprd my bedroom curtons in half they just dont listen lol your sheldon sounds like a fun little cat
    17. katie200
      smokey nealy a year old and holly is a years old just but smokey a little bugger im going to have to get him acat behavoul therspest now because he puts all his aggrison on to me no one else in the family and since i may be moveing out soon and takeing him with me ive got to get his behavour under control and i cant think of anything else to do your cats so cute he looks like a happy little man
    18. katie200
      awww thats so sweet how old is your cat do you only have the one
    19. katie200
      yer shes cute and thanks for the massage
    20. katie200
      hi cute cat how old is he
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    north east, uk
    administrator and beauty therapist
    Im 21, I have 2 cats, i live with my partner,


    If You Want The Best Seat In The House, You'll Have To Move The Cat :wink5:
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