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Dec 8, 2008
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    1. newfiesmum
      Know alls will always find an excuse to be right.
      1. Sandra Christiana likes this.
    2. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Crazy thread. Funny thing is, despite my wildly different opinions to the OPs, I too have a rescue moggy. So the result is kind of the same...
    3. lilythepink
      ta for the rep.....I think you are very sharp and I agree with you re the attention.
      1. Sandra Christiana likes this.
    4. Lunabuma
      I realised I repped you with the wrong smiley ... It was supposed to be a roll eyes!
    5. leashedForLife
      no, U're not blocked - the whole thread's been "moved".
      IOW, it was taken down. :(
      What a shame - seems WaterLily got her / his wish, at last: to shut
      everybody up who didn't agree with WL's own thoughts & feelings.
    6. leashedForLife
      that's really unfortunate. :nonod:

      i had an entire thread deleted some years back, when i posted a thread topic
      about wholesale poisoning & shooting of street-dogs in a Muslim country,
      which was a current news topic, not a diatribe.
      I was trying to point out that the Blue Cross in India has had a great
      success in achieving the same goal: RABIES reduction - via a S/N program
      & vaccinating street-dogs.

      i was quite stunned at the nasty responses, which accused me of religious
      intolerance, bigotry, indifference to human medical issues, & more. Tashi
      promised to remove the "problem comments" when she took the thread
      down, & nothing was ever done. Weird.
    7. leashedForLife
      WaterLily sent me a red blob, with the message, "Get a life",
      per my latest post on the "So angry! Can't get back to sleep" thread.

      A mod or Admin has blocked me from the thread - i tried to "like" a post,
      & got back an entirely-new pop-up that read, "Access denied".
      Never saw that one before!

      Meanwhile, 3 folks have repped me, & 2 sent PMs to thank me - so very
      mixed reactions, but mostly supportive or approving, aside from Admin/
      mod, whichever. :Shrug: It's an emotional topic.
    8. leashedForLife
      Thank U kindly for the rep! :)
      the legal stuff is a hassle, but it's imperative to bear in mind - plus, arguing back or even trying to reason sweetly at 4-AM is a total waste of time.
      He's not reasoning - he's UNreasonable, & there's no point in attempting logic with someone who's deeply emotional. Save Ur breath, get some sleep unbroken, & save the recording. ;)
    9. ForeverHome
      Thanks for rep, tbh I thought most people did and it was only a couple giving the benefit?
    10. spid
      thank you for my rep :D
    11. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep
    12. havoc
      Doubt you've upset as many as I did :) I was quite surprised at those who became so defensive - telling.
    13. Cookieandme
      I didn't want to be so blunt ;). I come here for information not to make friends - I doubt I have any anyway :D
    14. Cookieandme
      Thanks and some don't see it because there are some members who are far too close to each other
    15. Changes
      Thank you so much x x <3 :) xx
    16. wicket
      Its good to spend time with like minded people. Thanks for your concern.
    17. lostbear
      Thank you for the rep. I don'y know why I'm only worth three pages - I was just getting into the swing of it, and Royoyo has pee-emm'd me to say that she was going to suggest those little fish that chew skin off (piranha, obviously) - I think there was a lot of mileage in it and we could all have had a good laugh.

      I don't know who complained - possibly lurcherlad, possibly my Dear Friend - who knows.

      CT is doing a splinter one.
    18. moggiemum
      aww bookmarked , so sad , so true thankyou, im just over half way to my purple hat,lol, i 've got every other colour ,im gonna get one anyway,lol x
    19. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      thankyou for the rep,very much appreciated..yes you are probably right haha.
    20. spid
      Thanks for the rep Havoc - oh yes, it is very satisfying!
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