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May 26, 2015
Feb 6, 2014
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May 26, 2015
    1. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Don't worry about arguing if they wont listen just get a copy of the results if they are low end of normal I will tell you where to send them for a proper analysis.
    2. SLB
      Ok so 3 parts - 3rd part:

      Definitely do your research on it though. It's overwhelming to begin with. But I have seen nothing but positive results since switching my dogs over. I switched Jack (8) over last March and his coat is glossy, he has less of a doggy odour and his teeth are almost free of tartar. And he keeps up nicely with my 2 and 4 year old when they're hunting.

      Feel free to ask me or any other raw feeder questions - we're more than happy to help :)
    3. SLB
      2nd part:

      Then you look at suppliers in your area or who can deliver to your area. As well as seeing if you can get bits and bobs from your local butchers/game dealers.

      Then if thats all good. You have to do the intro diet. This is where it does get costly. You have to start with chicken or turkey and do a full week of just that. Every part of the animal that they can eat; so legs, wings, breast, carcasses, necks. Then the second week you add in a red meat; same again however with larger mammals weight bearing bones are a no go. Then you continue on adding in the available different types of meat until you have done them all - bones included. Then you add in the offal - a small fingernail size bit at a time. I do have Sixstar's intro starter menu guide in my raw feeding guide but I will send you that link when you PM me :)
    4. SLB
      Hi Matt, Going to have to put this over two messages as it only allowed 1000 letters per message.

      Not the most knowledgeable about raw feeding - that would be Sixstar on here but she has just lost one of her dogs so she may not be around for a while.

      Raw feeding isn't easy to begin with. You have to spend a lot of money at first as well.

      First you need to do all your research; pros and cons of raw feeding and decide whether to give it a shot or not.

      After that you need to think about freezer space - if Hetty is an Anatolian Shepherd then she's going to need a lot of food per day. Just a quick google of AS's average weight and she'd need anything between 820g-2kg of food a day. The way you work out how much she needs per day is 2%-3% of her current weight and adjust according to how her body condition is going - if she's putting weight on then drop her food, if she's losing weight - add more. So judging by that you're going to need at least a medium chest freezer.
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