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Hardwick Hounds
May 30, 2012
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Hardwick Hounds

PetForums Senior, from Sheffield

If anyone wishes to contact me, please email me through my website as I won't answer messages via this forum, thanks. Jun 30, 2015

    1. Hardwick Hounds
      Hardwick Hounds
      If anyone wishes to contact me, please email me through my website as I won't answer messages via this forum, thanks.
    2. becstar57
      Hi there

      I am looking to get a van converted for dog grooming and came upon your post. Does your Dad still do conversions and if so, how can I find out more? I would be looking to have the converted van ready to go between September and December this year. Look forward to your reply. All the best, Becky.
      1. Hardwick Hounds
        Hardwick Hounds
        Hi Becky
        Sorry I never saw your message. I had a baby in January and haven't been on the forum much since. We are able to do a conversion for you if you are still looking for one and would be able to have it completed by October time. If you are still interested, please contact me through my website or email on hardwick.hounds@hotmail.co.uk Best regards, Terri
        Jul 10, 2015
    3. teyfont
      Hi, looking for someone to convert my van..you said your dad does conversions?
      Needs sealing, electrics and hydro bath fitted...
    4. adamh500
      Wow your quick with the BT's, though I guess you've done 100's, ive probably stripped about 8 lol. Hopefully I'll get as quick as you one day. Im currently doing 4-5 dogs a day but I work 6 days a week inlcuding saturday and sunday.

      Thats great that your husbandenjoys it, working for a year with you will give him fantastic experience, he wont even need a qualification lol.

      Thanks for liking my photos on FB, Ive looked at your photos on your FB page and your work looks really great! That lhasa apso near the top looks so fluffly!

      P.s your westies look great, inlcuding their ears... ;)
    5. adamh500
      Ive not been to a competition or seminar yet thought id love to!I do get a lot of cross breeds in yes, I dont think I go a day without doing a shih tzu though, theyre very common. Its not very often that someone comes in wanting the breed standard but I do enjoy it when they do. Most of the time when I do get a pure breed in they dont want it to look like the breed, the majority of the styles are unfortunalty impracticable for most people it seems. And I rarely get a poodle in where the owner actualy wants its its face and feet shaved.
      Ive yet to hand strip anything other than border terriers unfortunatley, I quite enjoy doing it but I dont think I charge enough as its takes me about 3 hours to strip a BT.

      Ive been grooming for a couple of years but had my own busines now for about 5 months and its going great I love it. Hows your husband enjoying the grooming.? How many dogs do you tend to do a week?
    6. adamh500
      Hi terri and hi to your husband. Thats great that you work together! I currently work by myself, I dont think I do enough dogs to have an assistant.

      I enjoy reading other groomers opions on things and Ive found I share your opion on the posts I read on here.

      Im based in Dorset so quite far from you I believe. The village I live in is relativley small but competition is fierce. My bussiness is called Scruff Busters Verwood. I have a website and Facebook page if youwant to have a look. My facebook page is what I use most to advertise and show off my grooms you should check it out, id love to hear your opinions on it and any advice you may have on how I could improve perhaps.

      Get back to me on here though if you can, thanks, adam.
    7. adamh500
      Hi Hardwick Hounds, sorry I dont know your name? Just thought id say hi and add you on here. Ive checked out your website, I like your work! You seem like a very friendly groomer, ive not come across many of them! Keep up the good work! :)
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