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Happy Paws2
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Dec 15, 2019 at 11:18 PM
Sep 13, 2008
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West Midlands

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Happy Paws2

PetForums VIP, Female, from West Midlands

Happy Paws2 was last seen:
Dec 15, 2019 at 11:18 PM
    1. HelloWorld
      Thanks, for liking my post on Funny Animal Pictures. Why not post a picture yourself?
    2. HelloWorld
      @Happy Paws I appreciate all the help, there is no-one who thanks more than I.
    3. danielled
      I'd still have the problem of no gallbladder so know what would happen if I had chilli. If I have a Donna kebab I have to ask for it without chilli.
      1. Happy Paws2
        Happy Paws2
        That's a shame, I thought is was just the beans you couldn't have.
        Oct 18, 2016
      2. danielled
        No think I said about having no gallbladder but don't worry things can easily be missed on forums.
        Oct 18, 2016
    4. westie~ma
      Hope you make a quick recovery xx
      1. petCman and Happy Paws2 like this.
    5. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you again for like re noses, ttfn.
    6. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thank you for the like, re-fav pic, hope you and yours are well, ttfn
    7. Zaros
      Hello HP. Just a slight concern. Perhaps you thought I was ridiculing your thread regarding BBC madness?

      In actual fact I wasn't because I do have the much respected Mr Robeson's collection of spiritual songs most of which are originals and date back to 1925. :001_smile:
    8. RubyFelicity
      Dinner time. Check the falcon thread.
    9. Flamingoes
      Checking in on the hairy one...oh, and you, I spose :p xxxx
    10. Flamingoes
      Just seeing how Dillon and you are xxxx
    11. Flamingoes
      Think there's only me and thee about ATM! Ending some loves and licks to that hair all for this one xx
    12. Malmum
      Don't know how you got away with your comment on the Liverpool thread, lol. My every word seems to be analysed on threads like that - can't put a foot right! So fed up with not being able to voice an opinion and glad I found the Facebook groups. Well said anyway.
    13. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thanks for the like re- dogs on furniture. we have a blue lurcher 8 years old in feb, take a look at my albums etc.....your more than welcome, ttfn
    14. lipsthefish
      Hello, I hope you don't mind me asking, where would I be able to find the wax for the dog's paws that you mentioned on a thread tonight please? I didn't want to hijack the thread! Our little ones are dancing on this ice at the moment and with them just having small paws I was wondering if the wax would make things more comfortable for them, they love their walks and I want them to be able to enjoy them all through the winter too :) Thanks so much, Louise x
    15. welshjet
      Nice avatar x
    16. danielled
      How are you and Dillon.
    17. danielled
      I agree fireworks need to be banned, ordsall hall last year helped me get over my fear of loud bangs from fireworks and I liked them after that, things are different now I have Buddy. I wish there weren't any fireworks.
    18. Jugsmalone
      there appears to be a problem with the site. I've tried replying to posts and created a test post but they are all blank! I need my forum fix! :)
    19. colliemerles
      happy birthday....
    20. Milliepoochie
      The hotel we went to was The Stratton House in Cirecester - A Best Western Hotel. I was slightly nervous of it being part of a 'chain' but they were fantastic - The lady at reception said they have had a couple of guests moan about the fact the welcome dogs lol Millie was welcomed at Reception and we felt very relaxed having her there. Some hotels I have stayed in really make you feel 2nd class for bringing a dog so it made a lovely change :-) x
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    West Midlands


    Dillon 19/01/10 - 07/02/19
    We will always miss you
    Sweetheart X
    Amber 09/04/98 - 13/11/2009 Still missed X
    A Briard is a Heart Wrapped in Fur
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