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Nov 29, 2011
May 2, 2010
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Oct 8, 1975 (Age: 45)
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Mental Health Act Case Worker

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PetForums Member, 45, from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Haley was last seen:
Nov 29, 2011
    1. leanne2479
      hi hunny how are you? hope alls getting better after losing missie this year we now have another rescue boxer was so hard but family not the same with our one,got her 3 weeks ago and shes fab part of family already,x
    2. Matrix/Logan
      Glad you're holding up okay! It does get easier but takes time and you will always miss her terribly. It was 4 years yesterday since i lost my last GSD and i still hate that date! Sending hugs.... ((((HUGS)))) X
    3. Matrix/Logan
      Hi hun, just popped in to see how you were doing these days, are you finding things any easier? I hope time is acting as a bit of a healer for you both. X X
    4. dobermummy

      just want you to know im thinking about you at this hard time

    5. leanne2479
      awww my thoughts u with u,i didnt want another pet after i had my rodney put down he was a boxer and so much more all i can say is we never forget or compare them, x x
    6. leanne2479
      hows it going and hows the doggys doing my 2 girl boxers are hating the heat we have had latley,but my cocker spanial loves it,haha, :O)
    7. dobermum

      Thinking of you and the family every day and sending you all the hugs that I can fit into this wee boxayours always. Love D & family x
    8. deb53
      Thanks for the rep Hun x
    9. dobermum

      Hi girl!Is everything ok there? Worried here .... x
    10. katie200
      awww thats cool you dogs a lovelky looking
    11. Haley
      ah that's cool, pleased I helped. Loved the thread, it gave me a laugh and it's cute x
    12. borderer
      thanks for answer haley i now understand why xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    13. dobermum
      Hi girls! How are you today? I'm here with the girls who are sleeping on the sofa and snoring in front of the fire. P&Q is wonderful. No men zone lmao! Weather miserable, but enjoying the 'chilltime'. Drop by for a cybertea/coffee and give us all your news. Also wanted to letcha know


      All our love as always - missing my mate too!

      x D
    14. PrincessMaoMao
      Hi Haley how do you do that is lovely of you to offer and would be brilliant I don't mind at all :-)

      If you're on facebook why don't you come and join Mao Mao's facebook group - "Help Mallory the cat raise 5000 for the RSPCA for free" - here is the link - Welcome to Facebook! | Facebook

      Thank you so so much!!! :D
    15. leanne2479
      lol, thts ok,cute dog,my mate in cornwall breeds them,u dont see many anymore, ;O)
    16. leanne2479
      i had a freind reqest from u,?? didnt i it asked me to add u on my page,did u not sorry,
    17. dobermum

      Hi tootsie wootsie! Just droppin by to say hi to you and T. Sorry I missed ya the day. Speak wi ya soon x D
    18. Rick
      She is a bit of a stunner! Glad you like her!
    19. wooliewoo
      Thanks for the pic comment.......added some more now. Tanya looks like she enjoyed her trip to the seaside especially the ice cream......my 3 love the ice cream van visits lol
    20. leanne2479
      thanks for the add.
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    Oct 8, 1975 (Age: 45)
    Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
    Mental Health Act Case Worker
    I am a very proud Dobie owner. She is the best and certainly my best friend.
    I plan to marry next May to my adorable Graham, we have been together 14 years, about time eh


    [​IMG] A dog wags it's tail with it's heart

    RIP beautiful angel - 10.06.2010
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