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Apr 25, 2014
Feb 15, 2009
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PetForums Member, from Northamptonshire

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Apr 25, 2014
    1. mistymilo
      Thank you :-) To give 'rep' you have to look in the top right hand corner of the person's post and click on the symbol that looks like weighing scales.
    2. RobD-BCactive
      I've posted another pic to follow yrs.. it's quite funny BC's rule!
    3. Happy Paws2
      Happy Paws2
      Hi Christine

      Like you it does take time to bond with another puppy, plus the fact you forget how much hard work puppies are.:D Max sounds like a beautiful boy.
      Well Dillon has hit teenager and don't we know it. No does not mean a thing to him, he has decided he does not like been brushed so that has become a battle, and walking him was a nightmare, he jumped up me if I stop to talk to anyone, then he started jumping up for no reason sometimes I had only just got out of the door. Things are now starting to get better someone told me about using a lemon spray, so found a small spray bottle put some lemon juice and water in it, so when he jumped up I sprayed it at the side of him so it would not get in his eyes and Hi-Presto it works I only have to get it out when he goes to jump and he stops and carries on walking. All we need to do now is to win the brushing battle.:D
      But saying all that, he is a lovely boy most of the time and we would not be without him.

      Carol x
    4. mistymilo
      hi, thank you! I dont mind you looking at all :)
    5. Happy Paws2
      Happy Paws2
      Hi Rona

      How are you, we haven't spoke for some time and I wondered how you and your furries are keeping.
    6. hairydog
      hi, it,s christine, i have another pup too, mine is 18 wks, beardie/border X, hard work, tell me about it, although it is getting easier now i have started walking him with Max.
    7. Happy Paws2
      Happy Paws2
      Hi Rona - thanks, he's 9 months old, I had forgot how much hard work a puppy is:lol: and he's just hit teenager and don't we know it.:D:D

      How are things with you.
    8. Spellweaver
      Hiya - we have three bergamaschi and two border collies. The border collies are easy to wash and dry; the bergamaschi are easy to wash - but can take two or three days to dry completely!
    9. DevilDogz
      aww thank you i love my job hehe..!
      i dont know what they looking at but they dont want to look at the camra lol..they are gorgouse though..x
    10. Happy Paws2
      Happy Paws2
      Hi just sent you a message and it would not let me send it. something about your messages box been full.
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    Dog lover, owned by 2 Bearded Collies, part time hairdresser, and like being outside.

    Dogs, and Birds. and nature.


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