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Jan 22, 2017
Mar 31, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from In the woods with the fairies... :) ...Invisible

Guinevere13 was last seen:
Jan 22, 2017
    1. JennMaisy
      Mad is definitely one word I would use to describe her! Willfull is another! She likes to steal tissues out of my pocket and when i take them back clamps her jaw so tight, she's a clever little lady! :-)
    2. JennMaisy
      Hey there, I just read a post where you mentioned labradoodles stealing socks and knickers, I am regulary chasing Maisy around the house trying to rescue underwear of sorts! It's so funny, its the only thing she doesn't chew, just throws it around, or sits with it!!
    3. gemcml
      aww thank you! :) kids all over their pox now and Jazz is settling in beautifully and doing so well!! ...I am so proud of him! :) x
    4. gemcml
      It's nice to meet another labradoodle owner... So far you're the first doodle owner i have come across :)
    5. Pointermum
      Thanks for the rep :)
    6. Kiwi
      Glad you liked the garden pic - it is only a year old but I have become an enthusiastic amateur! :)
    7. Kiwi
      Tnx! I'll see if I can track one down in time for the summer x
    8. Guinevere13
      Thanlks. I think it was from one of the build a bear or the bear factory where you design your own bear. It was one of the accessories :-)
    9. Kiwi
      Your welcome :) Loved the pics, especially the ones of Millie, Mortimer and Ezmerelda. Can I ask where you got the pop-up camouflage tent please? I have been looking for one for Sweetie for the garden in summer and it looks perfect!
    10. The O'Mali's Dad
      The O'Mali's Dad
      Hey thanks for the rep.
    11. Spellweaver
      thank you for the rep :)
    12. noushka05
      hehe nice one for not being impartial on that subject:D lord how i wish schools were full of teachers just like you! keep up the good work;)...and may the force be with you!:thumbup: xxx
    13. noushka05
      omg no it wouldnt look very good to advocate murder would it:p

      i bet youre a great teacher when it comes to teaching kids how to treat animals:), my oldest Son had a wonderful teacher when he was in the infants, she was passionate about wildlife and taught her classes to care about nature she was very influential and hands on... she had them rearing rare orange tip butterflies, the kids loved watching them morph through their life cycle until they could release them:thumbup: my Son loved her:p
    14. noushka05
      i could just shoot em!:D but i know what you mean:p

      thank you yes she mine, shes the original noushka:D xxx
    15. noushka05
      god i know and when they illegally delisted last time they had something like over 20,000 hunters wanting to buy tags to kill them...isnt that horrifying how many people want to kill them! and that will be just the tip of the iceberg.
    16. Inca's Mum
      Inca's Mum
      Haha we had a snow plough in last Monday (school was shut) to clear the car park, bus park and staff car park and then he was there on Tuesday morning too when school was open. God knows what happened on Wednesday and Thursday (school was shut) but on Friday it opened though I didn't go as my mum didn't want to drive in it and wouldn't have me walking on the road since the paths are so dangerous! Though I was babysitting on Friday night in some flats opposite the school and saw all the teachers having to defrost their cars again :laugh:
    17. Inca's Mum
      Inca's Mum
      Just seen that you have given me rep, thanks so much! People who aren't involved in schools (either staff or pupils) really have no bloody clue about it and they rant and rave and it's proper sad :laugh:
    18. noushka05
      ive noticed that you and have have very similar views on all aspects of animal welfare:) im just praying this bill never gets passed im in the middle of writing an email to obama, i dont know what else to do after that tho...poor wolves xx
    19. RAINYBOW
      lol thanks for the rep ;)
    20. Waterlily
      thanks mate :D
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    I have a fish, some zebra finches, cats, guinea pigs and 2 dogs. I also live with my OH and daughter :)

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    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Who needs walkies when you can drive!
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