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Feb 24, 2012
Jul 30, 2009
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January 28

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PetForums Junior, from Ireland.

greyhounder was last seen:
Feb 24, 2012
    1. colliemerles
      HaPpY BiRtHdAy
    2. MADCAT
      Hiya, All is good here thanks, How are things with you?
    3. MurphyMoo
      I know this was ages ago but i had wonky knees and i didnt like the look of them so i chose to have an oporation so they were straight , i might be having another op in march 2011. depends if i want it done cause my feet are still wonky and i look a bit like a penguin lol xx
    4. MurphyMoo
      Im fine, a little worse for wear as ive recently had a big oporation on both my legs, im stuck in a wheelchair which isnt ideal i cant go to school until year nine (after 6 weeks summer holidays). Im soo bored, which is why im on the forums alot more now lol xx :D
    5. MurphyMoo
      Hello, Havent talked In Ages So I Just Thought Id Ask How You Were Doing?? x
    6. aloevera
      Thank you! :D xxx
    7. DKDREAM
      It is quite hard to see while yu Type on your profile.
    8. DKDREAM
      Hi Things are great thanks how are you?
    9. Chassi
      Where do I start?
      4 dogs
      27 rabbits
      1 guinea pig
      2 chinchillas
      1 cat
      several horses and three geese.
      I think thats it :)
      We all seem to have collected them as we went along... it seems like an awful lot but they've crept up slowly.

      What about you? :)
    10. MurphyMoo
      Not really Oscar is getting massive hes nearly one alwready we got him march09 and his birthday is January18th hes a verry big map!!
    11. CatzEyes
      Hi, thanks for the picture. I have been just fine. How about you.

    13. Ladywiccana
      Awwwww many thanks and hope you have a great christmas also hun[IMG]
    14. Mickey the lurcher lover
      Mickey the lurcher lover
      Hi. Sorry for the late reply I haven't been online for a couple of days. I have two lurchers. Cassie is a 7 year old belgian sheperd x lurcher and Frankie is a Poodle x Whippet. He is 15 months old today. I also have a five month old birman kitten. Neither of my dogs work as such but they constantly kill rabits since we live on a barren coastline with nothing but fields of cattle and a heck of a lot of rabbits. I grew up on a small holding and we always reared animals to eat and so when my dogs kill a healthy rabbit I always take it home for the dogs to eat and sometimes myself. They kill quite a few a week so we seem to always have a good supply. I haven't taught them how to hunt they just taught themselves through trial and error since they had enough practice. We have myxamatosis in the warrens at the moment though and it is terrible seeing the suffering rabbits. When I come across any I cry my eyes out and kill them instantly. I hate to think of them dying so slowly and painfully like that. I used to have ferrets too but when I moved into my new flat last year the council made me get rid of them as an elderly neighbour was frightened that they would escape from my flat and make their way into hers to maul her. I really miss having ferrets as they made the place so lively and interesting. Mickey, Cassie, Frankie and little kittie.
    15. CatzEyes
      Hi there stranger, my Halloween was bleak, I had to work that night so my oldest to the youngest trick or treating.
      I hope all is well with you.
    16. suzy93074
      Hiya! yeah your Zoro does look a little like my Jinks;):) thanks for the friend request xx
    17. 2Hounds
      The boys are good thanks, both snoozing away at the moment. How are you & the dogs doing?
    18. CatzEyes
      Well hello there, haven't seen you on in a while
    19. CatzEyes
    20. MADCAT
      I am good thanks, r u? have u enjoyed the weekend? xx
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    January 28
    All sorts ;)


    I love my beutifull whippet, goes by the name of Mickey.

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