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Oct 31, 2016
Aug 22, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from North East Scotland

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Oct 31, 2016
    1. Waterlily
      lol I dont know but I did say something about I hope not to cos it would be a tight fit in response to a comment about aurelia wearing a wet suit cos of us sharks Lmao
    2. Waterlily
      what fat joke
    3. Staysee
      wow, not got a good work ethic about her then? Puts pressure on you then and thats not fair :( Have a stern word with her, being the mature little sister! hahaha

      im off now hun, thanks for tonight...again! haha your a star!
    4. Staysee
      I still dont trust anyone there, i dont like it.

      Just get her in trouble ;) i could put in a complaint? XD haha
    5. Staysee
      Its people i disliked at first who are turning out nicer now, like the guy who slagged off a girl who works on sundays....i actually get on really well with him now [ok, so he's been taking the piss cos i just turned 25 but meh haha]

      Maybe i should just keep everyone at arms length, take this week off to re-program my brain! haha
    6. Staysee
      The only thing to make me smile is that on my fb i got like almost 80 birthday wishes.....she got no more then 20. Is that sad that i wanna laugh at that fact? haha

      I really shouldnt try and make friends with work people, i dont intend to stay there and when i leave i dont intend on going back
    7. Staysee
      Im just too nice tho to ignore people, but im gonna have too try, specially with one person in work.

      She KNEW my bday was the day after hers as we'd laughed about it before when she beat me to last weeks holiday when we booked last year and coming up to it in april we'd both talked about our bdays....so she had this week off and came into work saturday [my bday] for her works birthday card, which i worked hard on to get people to sign it....i wished her happy birthday for the day before and she thanked me and that was it....she didnt wish me a happy birthday or even do it on facebook!

      Yet the ONE guy in our section who isnt the best at remembering or doing anything thoughtfull [well, he is a young lad haha] he signed my card and wished me happy birthday on facebook......

      It pisses me off that im nice to people all the time, cos im happy and friendly, yet i seem to get the feeling that people dont like me
    8. hawksport
      Youve got 5 minutes to go and look
    9. Staysee
      Like people i really shouldnt bother with anymore seeing as they wont bother with me
    10. Staysee
      Yeah, just made me realise a few things thats all
    11. Staysee
      I shall vent at you should i need too again, cos im sure you'll know exactly what im on about! aha and visa versa i hope!
    12. Staysee
      Im now calmer since my rant to you, so thank you.....probably cos im older and morw wiser then i was then! XD [or not]
    13. rob158
      Your welcome :D
    14. Eroswoof
      I hoped so and I'm touched :D xxxx
    15. Eroswoof
      pmsl :lol: :lol: :lol: I really did lol when I saw it xxxxx
    16. suzy93074
      welcome :Dxxx
    17. Shayden
      ohhhh i get it... how do i see whose given me these reps :)
    18. Shayden
      oooooo nice! lol yeah keep upping my rep then.... i dunno how to do it back.. lol school me please :)
    19. Shayden
      lol i dunno what a "rep" is babes
    20. Louise Marsh
      Louise Marsh
      Hiya love. I have worked my camera out and have now uploaded some pics of my cats. Could only get one of Mouse ( Pregnant ) as she was to restless, I shall post some more as she progresses :)
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