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Oct 31, 2016
Aug 22, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from North East Scotland

Gratch was last seen:
Oct 31, 2016
    1. Gratch
      Fine ta, yourself? :) xx
    2. Shrap
      Ahahaha. How are you doing this evening? xx
    3. Shrap
      I think it was on that thread about cat breeding regulations or something. You said something along the lines of "Get off your f***ing high horse"
      I think you were tired :D :p
    4. Shrap
      Haha I believe we had a scuffle the first time we met!
    5. Shrap
      Can't believe you've been talking about me on Celicababe's page :eek: :mad:

      :p xx
    6. Eroswoof
      Heh, cats. Ugh, I'm struggling, this bomb scare is in the road where my on off ex works :crying: xxxx
    7. MoggyBaby
      Thank for the rep hun. You little sweetie you. :D

      I'm glad you found Oscars flying tactics funny - they scared the sh*t out of me. I'm thinking of renaming him Clark Kent..... :blink:

      I hope you and all the babies are well. Big hugs to you and them (but a wee tiny extra one to Moo. ;)
    8. Eroswoof

      that's your cat :yesnod: xxxxx
    9. Eroswoof
      lmao :lol: thanks for the rep beautiful xxxx
    10. katie200
      Yep counting the day till she home and better and I can give her a big hug haha
    11. katie200
      Yeah talk to her today she didn't sound good andshe appealing to get out of there but she started her treament so that good right thanks for asking Hun
    12. celicababe1986
      I always hit my day limit, I seem to always give it to the same people, and it tells me to spread myself around ???~I am not a slag :lol: xx
    13. celicababe1986
      dont worry, no-one ever visits me, only those who like to spam :eek: xx
    14. celicababe1986
      oh, and thank you for your rep! I am actually building my blobs up now :D I am catching up :lol:
    15. celicababe1986
      better here, then somewhere you would get in trouble :eek: :lol:
    16. celicababe1986
      I dont understand why someone can hold a grudge for this long? it seems a bit silly. I can tell you, you are a much stronger person than me. There was one thread a while back where I posted my opinion and got told I was a stupid bitch with no brain or maturity, heartless bitch or something along them lines. I cried for ages :crying: I didnt know a forum could effect me like that up until then. Hence why I now completly stay out of the way in debates. I obvioulsy am not emotionly strong enough to take insults.

      Thats why I think you deserved the rep, you didnt raise back up to it, and you are still here! :thumbup: xxxx
    17. celicababe1986
      no worries, just read the thread (I always seem to miss them) and feel you were slightly targeted :( xx
    18. katie200
      awwwww thats great time flys hey:D yeah my pets are all fine jessies back to her happy self and holly and smokey are running each other everywhere haha me i am ok hey:)
    19. katie200
      hey how are you and your kittens doing
    20. Shrap
      No bother!! I'm a dab hand at making epeens grow longer!! :D xx
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