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Oct 31, 2016
Aug 22, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from North East Scotland

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Oct 31, 2016
    1. katie200
      if i forget you can remind me ok it going to be a long monday me thinks
    2. katie200
      ha ha ha i do that at least 6 time a day it easy to for get to click on the person profile
    3. katie200
      hey just wanted to say thanks for the chat today it was helpful so thanks hope you have a nice monday
    4. katie200
      why you a numpty?
      im used to manging and if i cant i come on hear let it all out or go in the back garden and scream then start agan but it was nice for you to ask as i dont think anyone has ever asked me if i can manage lol
    5. Gratch
      I'm a numpty.
    6. katie200
      she get a cpn see her for about an hour ever 2 weaks i dont mind as she has looked after me all my life and i dont go out much any way so it dont matter to me i would always chose too.and im the only one that can get though to her a lot of the time.it can be hard but im a tuff cookie always have been since i was little lifes never easy lol
    7. katie200
      it called Psychosis its where she belive she can see thinks that are not there and alot of time she belives im poising her food or im going to hurt her at her worst and sometime go knocking on neaibours doors asking weid questins im alway running out the door after her i have the bigest fear she will get slaped one day but when she on her tablets and there working nomaly she ok agan for a while so that what keeps me going if i she would end up in hospatil as im the only one to look after her it is sad
    8. katie200
      i know she will ive been though her getting better and then bad agan for so long i think i just take it day by day and now my sister have moved out it just me to keep her busy lol its lucky i dont take any thing to heart anymore. at least i have pf to keep me from going mad lol :)
    9. katie200
      well my mum has a menthel health illness and she had it for for years but she started to relasps agan and im going to have to call her cpn to come see her i should have done it friday but put it off hopeing it was just a bad cupple of day but i know better and after i do she going to get up set with me and most likely mad too but i promised to look after her and it has to be done i hate it i feel like im ratting on her or somthing but if i dont she will only get worse like befor christmas
    10. katie200
      i should be doing the next part of the cat sitting courses i did befor christmas at the end of the month so that some thing to look forword too if everythigh gose ok with my mum that is if not it will be a little later lol
    11. katie200
      not really im not much of a planer but im not looking forword to tomorrow any more as i have to do something im not looking forword too lol what about you what you doing this weak
    12. katie200
      awww bless them mine are fine they had a cat play fight over holly red mose she wont let smokey play with her red toys and nomal he wont try but today he want to lol but there treat ball soon got his attion so he left the mouse jessie our dogs been watch the rain from the window and a black cat on our wall lol
    13. katie200
      glad your fine i hate tidying up but love hovering to my ipod lol sound like youve had a long day lol hows your cats
    14. thedogsmother
      Ooops just spotted your message, yes it is Misha Collins:001_wub:, ok so hes a bit crazy but crazy is good sometimes :D.
    15. katie200
      yes im feeling a bit better now how are you today
    16. katie200
      Yeah I do love them to bits too they are both younger than me lol
    17. katie200
      Yeah it such to havens bug lol and my sister the worse bussy pain I know lol you'll have to take some photo of your cats kittens when she has them kitten are always sooooo cute lol I have 2 sister and they are both pains believe me how many sister or brothers do you have
    18. katie200
      Nope it not good it likey a bug there been going about. But if I'm not better by Monday I'll call the doctor lol thats good how is your cats well my sister the most bossy girl there is it took most of the day of her barking order at me I so had to bite my tounge befor I said something I didn't mean but all in all she happy and my ears where still ring by the end of the day lol
    19. katie200
      That's good I've been a bit Ill but apart from that I'm good thanks what you been upto
    20. katie200
      Hello how are you
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