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Oct 31, 2016
Aug 22, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from North East Scotland

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Oct 31, 2016
    1. katie200
      yeah there good thanks
    2. katie200
      hey how are you today
    3. katie200
      Yeah just a friend but it was so good to talk and laugh I hadnt done that in a while he remind me he still own me one for saving his hide when we met and he so do lol I'll have to thank my little sister for giving him my number she the likely one as I haven't spoke to him for years lol
    4. katie200
      That's good. I'm good a friend kinda called me to night I haven't hear from him for years and well we kinda went down memory lane it was good and so funny as i met him in the funnest of places lol how are you
    5. katie200
      Hey how are you and your cats and kittens today
    6. katie200
      Awww I hope the black and White one will be ok fingers crossed I've had a trying day lol
    7. katie200
      Glade you had a fine day I'm ok thanks how's your cats
    8. katie200
      Really that's a long day I'm ok thanks
    9. katie200
      Awwwwww cute cat how are you today
    10. katie200
      talk to you later :)
    11. katie200
      they said love find you when your leat looking i think it true im sorry it mush have been hard on sister it nice if you have someone i think
    12. katie200
      awww thats nice you have some one maybe one day i will maybe lol
    13. katie200
      it was a total laugh went i was about 17 just befor my mum got sick i dont have time to met meny people and im not a clubber but it most likely not the reason lads are a little scared of me :D do you have an other half
    14. katie200
      yeah it was my laugh of the day lol i wanted the growned to eat me lol
    15. katie200
      Well I was out there helping her grab her dog that had slipped its lead and she start of with why do you go out with that loser.I was like why I was aware i was going out with anyone :eek: she then went on to say the guy you dragged out of your front door with the bike eventhough you seem to be able to look after your self from where I was looking she said I started laughed so hard it was my no good uncle that had just been couseing trouble. I was about to say sorry it was my uncle went she said I alway though you where in to girls im not but for a moment I couldn't stop laughing.
    16. katie200
      Awwww bless them my cats go mad at there scratching post lol hovering my fab chore lol we now I have to wait for there call tomorrow then they will likely come see her ask a load of question about her meds then take it from there.lol I had a weid comvation with a neighbour today
    17. katie200
      It been ok called my mum cpn but she not in untel tomorrow so she going to call me then came on hear for a while and listening to some music now loudly lol befor i get into a argment how your cats
    18. katie200
      Hello morning how you today
    19. katie200
      night night talk to you soon
    20. katie200
      yep got the chocolate ice cream reddy and the ipod with music in it sorted lol and two cat reddy to jump on my lap lol
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