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Oct 31, 2016
Aug 22, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from North East Scotland

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Oct 31, 2016
    1. staceydawlz
      hey!! lynx is fine brian was saying you were keeping all the kittens!! youll have a house full wish i could have all then cats lol xx
    2. danielled
      Your welcome. It just called me a liar.
    3. danielled
      Cleverbot told me to eff off too lol.
    4. Waterlily
      I dont :D lol
    5. Waterlily
      no worries, thanks for the laughs lol :D
    6. katie200
      lol i was on it moments ageo it was so funny i put what it said up on the thread lol it a little addived i spent a good while on it last night too lol
    7. katie200
      maybe one day i hope
      what do you think of the clever bot it quite funny isnt it lol
    8. katie200
      well after my mum got ill the first time she didnt want him in the house she though he was not her dad and of courses when he turned up i would have to turn him away as i could have her more stressed and then my mum said if i went to see him she would never beable to trust me so eventhough i want to go say sorry for being tuff on him when he turned up i couldnt because someone has to look after my mum and well it was never going to be my sister and so i made a chose as bad as that sounds it dosent mean i dont care though because i do
    9. katie200
      awwww i bet it will be nice to see your grandad i havent see mine in 4 years after my nan died everyone went there own way i do miss him though we used to walk his dog max together all the time lol
    10. katie200
      awwww thats good nope just got my sister coming round for tea as she need cheering up lol but i have book club thurday coming my two hours of me time lol have you got any thing planned for the weakend
    11. katie200
      hey im good the cats are fine jessies is too im just mad with my sister dad how are you and your kittys doing
    12. katie200
      Hi how are you and your kittys
    13. AmberNero
      cheers m'dear- it has gone weird, hasn't it? Cheers for the heads up, have just PMmed a mod :D xx
    14. katie200
      That's good your all great im ok too pets are well too lol
    15. katie200
      Hi how are you and your kittys
    16. suewhite

      Please be our friend:D
    17. MoggyBaby
      It took a couple of years but OH finally got the message that the cats give Fathers AND Mothers day cards and sometimes a gift. :D The dvd was 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore. A REAL chick-flick but it's just sooooo cute & easy to watch. :)

      My sister is currently preggie so I expect to meet my first niece or nephew in July. I'm not big on kids (NONE of my own thank goodness) so, as she lives in Dublin, I won't be stuck holding it too often. :D I can be the mad auntie that lives over the water but sends really cool pressies!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
    18. MoggyBaby
      I'm SOOOOOOOO glad I don't do the standing jobs anymore. Although the down side of sitting all day is a a big fat saggy a--e!!! We went up to Sheffield for the day on Saturday - OH went to football whilst I mooched around the shops. I'm not big on shopping though so it lost it's charm after the first hour & a half. That combined with the crowds of Saturday shoppers... ARGH!!!! :tongue_smilie: I prefer Pokey Shops but they were located further out of the town so I'll do those the next time. :-)

      Sunday I went on my exercise thingy and watched the film the cats got me for Mothers Day (li'l sweeties that they are) and then did housework & stuff until OH came home from work.

      So just how lazy was your weekend? :D
    19. MoggyBaby
      I rarely go near the PC on the weekend or on evenings. Sitting in front of one for over 40 hrs a week at work is MORE than enough. Friday night was a REAL rarity!! :D I am as well as can be expected for a Monday at work. :( I always start to perk up again as the week goes on and it gets near Friday again.. :D :D :D
    20. MoggyBaby
      Hey girlfriend - wot you doing hanging around here? I thought you started work at 12??

      I hope you're well, had a good weekend and please give Moo a snuggle from her Auntie Moggy. :D
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