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Oct 31, 2016
Aug 22, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from North East Scotland

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Oct 31, 2016
    1. danielled
      How are you today. I'm trying to paint my wall on here orange but every orange I have tried looks red.
    2. Angie2011
      Mine is going realy slow to! night Hun! sleep well x
    3. Angie2011
      Thanx Hun! i may just have to sell the Mother! hehe! i draw pics and i have a few to do now! but these are freebies! so hopefully when i get a few more to do that will help with the pot :) i normally give the money to the PDSA! a dog charity BUT!! i think i will keep some money back for Oscar! :) ok now your turn! info, info, info!!! hehe!
    4. Angie2011
      I am single no kids (except my doggies babies) :) live with my Mum! only left once to live in the USA! Mum has a snobby puss! i had a Nether land bunny who was 9 and passed away a couple of months ago! :( we have a Tortoise who's nearly 6 (he was my nieces but she left home and bloody dumped him on me) and he got sick just before Xmas and i nursed him for nearly 6 weeks, which cost me nearly £300 quid :( (AGAIN out the pot) Well if i told you i am almost in depends! :) would that help? KIDDING! i am nearly 50! oh **** i said that out loud and scared myself! hahaha! Oh and i type realy slow, with one finger :)
    5. Angie2011
      When i first enquired by phone to a couple of Vets thay all said around £2000 pounds per hip, but could go up to £4000 per hip if complications! but when i took him to the Vet and they xrayd him they said around £400. HUGE difference, that was 18 moths ago now as he has been on a special Vet diet to loose weight! so i will have to get him another xray to see if anything has changed. The thing is my other animals have dipped into the pot (so to speake) and thats why it is empty now! :(
    6. Angie2011
      Haha! am a bit of a numpty sometimes :) He has been GREAT! but its starting to play up at the minute, sometimes he is in a lot of pain :( i am trying to save up to get him an operation! (they were insured, but my brother let the policy laps..long story) so now he cant be re-insured for it :( and my other dog had cancer when he was 13wks old and had his ear removed :( THANK GOD ! he was insured at that point.
    7. Angie2011
      Oh sorry its Hip Dysplasia! hes 9 now and my other one is 12...ps i just posted that mesg to my self :) :) haha!
    8. Angie2011
      The one i shaved 2night has HD so he cant stand on the table for to long, so i take most of his hair off while sitting on the floor! but as soon as the clippers go on, he falls asleep :) so its like lugging a bloody dead dog around :) and i'm to old to be sitting on the floor! sooo! the sore back haha!
    9. Angie2011
      I'm fine thanx! back's throbbing a bit, after shaving one of my Shih Tzu's :)
    10. Angie2011
      How are you 2night? :)
    11. Angie2011
      Your welcome! :)
    12. Angie2011
      Hellooooooo! new fwend! : ))
    13. staceydawlz
      not 3 now will let brian explain to u lol well chuffed for ya!! they all super cute ul have to get more piccys up!!xx
    14. danielled
      No lol. I won't let it win.
    15. danielled
      I said grrr to it and it said don't grrr me just now.
    16. danielled
      Lol it loves calling me that.
    17. danielled
      It is calling me a bot.
    18. danielled
      'm talking to cleverbot again.
    19. katie200
      hey you im good a bit of a head ack went over bored with the brandy and coke yesturday lol the cats are fine though and the dog been enjoying the nice weather how are you your cute kittys today
    20. katie200
      hi how are you and your kittens today
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