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Aug 4, 2017
Apr 14, 2011
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Aug 4, 2017
    1. ewelsh
      I hate to bother you, what do you think of the following, I am at my wits end.
      Lucy now 7 months is as if she is fighting with my terrier, she doesn't try it on with the Lab as my Lab puts her in her place..
      When she starts at the terrier, she grips her front paws around the terrier keeps the terrier underneath her and growling whilst holding her underneath, her head is raised and stiff and the growls sound so bad, no bite has happened but she is doing this several times a day,.. I don't shout just walk between them, distract,or pull tthe puppy off the terrier and let the terrier out of the room, but it is getting out of control with the attacks getting more and more...it happens inside and outside.
      is it hormones? what should I do.
    2. grandad
      Yes, he is a working dog.
    3. grandad
      Yes i work him. thak you for alll your likes as well
    4. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thank you for the like. do you work your dog? i have a blue lurcher, and 2 birds. hope you are well. ttfn
    5. cinnamontoast
      Cor, they're very similar, aren't they? Where is yours from? Do you work him?
    6. SleepyBones
      I got the impression they dont like those figs - looks like she's flipped over the edge completly this time
    7. Irish Setter Gal
      Irish Setter Gal
      Good to see an honest opinion, lets hope the conspiracy theories fade away now
    8. grandad
      My reply to was along one, so I have had to spread it over 4 messages. You'll have ot start from the bottom up. Apologies.
    9. grandad
      They are frightened, one family would't even get out of the car in the car park. 2, complaints from other dog owners about dogs being out of control.
      Anyway, thank you for the note. I will continue to post, what I believe are relevant questions to me and other dog owners. I cannot explain how other people react to them.
    10. grandad
      Hence the questions I ask and the way I ask them. I don't want anecdotal or subjective view, but do want peoples first hand experience. It may come across as "hard faced" but I am a straight talker and can't help that, being of northern stock, but I do have a gentle side.
      If people choose to ignore me that's fine. I'll Live. The other line I take with dogs and dog owners is a personal one, having picked up dead a dying willdlife/dogs on the roads and RTA's caused by out of control dogs and seen them PTS because of injuries sustained. I view dog ownership as real full time responsibilty and all wildlife should be protected, they have a right just like your dog does. Sadly, i have recently put up "dogs on lead only" signs in a forest for two reasons. Complaints from families with no dogs complaining about out of control dogs.
    11. grandad
      I thought some of it, quite astonishing and bordering on paranoia TBH. I was merely suggesting that just like you would put your mobile on silent/vibrate and when it vibrates you answer it. It is a learned response that has caused no discomfort and I was merely trying to suggest that this type of technology could be used through a collar. So I've come away with the view that these people are narrow minded and won't move forward with technology. Being a person that has open discussions at dog groups and with dog friends, it is far better for me to have a conversation based on evidence that to be subjective about a issue.
    12. grandad
      No I am not part of any conspiracy. Just a simple genuine dog lover that likes to ask questions and learn more about being a dog owner. I approach life with an open and inquisitive mind as you will see from the questions I am asking. I didn't even know this forum existed until I stumbled across it looking for some answers to some questions I was researching. As for Adam Palmer I'd never heard of the guy until i came on here. If it's true what people say about him, then i can only agree he is an a^&e. In my innocence, I thought by asking the question about technology moving on and was it possible to have technological tools to help training was a good one, not realising it would evoke such emotion and name calling, which unfortunatlely I got dragged into, but never again.
    13. Irish Setter Gal
      Irish Setter Gal
      I've been enjoying your recent posts, the e collar debate was heated at times. Unfortunately a small group (Pink fluffies - PFs) appear to think the debates have run their course with no more threads started - sadly existing ones have been closed to further comment adding fuel to their fire.

      Can you confirm that you are or are not part of a conspiracy to derail some of the threads with inflammatory comments and replies.
      The PFs appear to believe that you are Adam Palmer or if not part of a collective supporting e collars since you post back to back.

      Equally the PFs have asked the moderators/admin to intervene and check you out, apparently having different IP addresses does not make you immune from being the same person.
      Apparently you are on a lot of peoples ignore lists - they appear not to like what you have to say, for some reason or other.

      Irish Setter Gal
      (hoping we have a different IP address to protect me from the conspiracy theorists)
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