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Sep 17, 2009
Aug 16, 2009
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Sep 17, 2009
    1. rebenda
      Well u cud start like ringing round different places seeing if u can volunteer rehoming centres are quite good espesh at this point their full to brim! it gives u something to pop on ur forms and cv that ur had experience with animals just in case u dont get the grades u need, but im sure u will! like some people one the 1st diploma at my college (only last yr) had like 1 GCSE above C and they got ontothe course.
    2. Flissy
      Thankies :)
    3. srhdufe
      awwww thanks :D
    4. Flissy
      The link didn't work :(
    5. thedogsmother
      Thankies hun, I replied to the post you made.
    6. Flissy
      Sausage is fine, I think! He's not actually with me, he's staying at my boyfriends house, but hopefully he's being looked after :P
    7. rebenda
      Hi i work at rspca as an animal nursing assistant waiting to be sent by them for training to be a veterinary nurse, my best advice at having looked for jobs and friends that have gone the way of a degree is, to get C and above in 5 GCSE's then go to college and do animal care like u have mentioned and then national diploma in animal care, this gains u experience as they send u for work experience including in a vets! try to hang fire there as long as u can and research vet practises that send their staff on RCVS Online / Veterinary Nurses which will show training centres and do it that way u are therefore learning on the job and its alot better u learn from ur experience on the job! trust me its alot better!!
    8. Akai-Chan
      Apology accepted. I'll add you on MSN and we can talk on there :)
    9. srhdufe
      Ok i accept your apology. Welcome back to the forum
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    Heya, I'm Gracieee.
    I LOVE animals, like actually love them, I think they keep me sain...
    I get really annoyed when people do anything to harm animals, it is a selfish act of violence ...
    I hope to study Veterinary Nursing at Sparsholt college, if I get in (btw im 15)

    I horse ride alot, animals are pretty much my life :)



    Enzo <3
    (R.I.P) Monty <3
    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

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