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Jun 8, 2018
Nov 16, 2011
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PetForums Junior, Male, from Salford

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Jun 8, 2018
    1. dabas
      The first time I gave my dog a chicken wing I was scared but it is fine.If you want to give you dog kibble the best value for money/quality is skinners field and trial duck and rice which on amazon is £20 for a 15kg bag,I have just switched over to it but even though I am now going to contradict myself once the bag is finished I am going to switch over to a meat/offal/bones raw only diet as this how dogs ate in the wild/nature.On dry feed an average male ridgeback would probaly eat 500 to 600 grams but mine got a bit skinny so I added raw to it and also because he started going off the dry feed.On raw I will feed him about 1.2kg a day as this is about 2/3 % of his body weight.From most of the threads I have looked at it should be quite cheap to feed a dog on a raw diet I just need to find a local butcher :)
    2. LadyChardonnay
      Thanks! It seems like a nice forum, I've been on some that are really bitchy and I can't be bothered with that.

      Yes I'm a kept woman, I had a horrible job and my husband's business is doing well so he told me to quit work. I didn't need telling twice!
    3. ridgeback05
      glad to see you have managed to find another pup...do you know the breeding of this pup or the name of the breeder.i dont mind you asking any question youmay have.
    4. ridgeback05
      You want to be giving your puppy a good quality dry puppy feed...you can mix some wet in with the dry if you like...you will need to keep him on a puppy food until he is at least 12 months old...and you need to divide his daily allowance into four meals for the first while...
    5. ridgeback05
      Puppy will not be hip scored....way to young to be hip scored...you won't get that done until pup is at least a year old.
    6. Dogless
      Hi Gooner - another RR owner here - very interested in the breed and here to help if I can.....Kilo is my first ridgie however so can't claim to be an expert by any stretch. ridgeback05 has loads of knowledge though :thumbup:.
    7. gooner1
      good question lol,i am not sure. I am in a bit of a quandry at the moment look out for my next post. I thought the puppy i was getting was hip scored but it hasnt been so im not sure if i should be concerned or not ? I can still get my deposit back but i would still like to get the dog.
    8. ridgeback05
      hi paul,can i ask what the breeding of you ridgeback is.
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    Hi my names Paul, I have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks called Neo and Asha, I will be moving shortly to Turvey which is between Bedford and Milton keynes.

    sports,tennis,running.walking, films, travel,clothes.
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