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Feb 28, 2021
Mar 18, 2010
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PetForums Senior, from Kidderminster

golfchick was last seen:
Feb 28, 2021
    1. Milliepoochie
      Hello - Just wandering if you still have the Zooplus vouchers? Looking at making an order online. if you still have them can you pm me please? :-) x
    2. leanne2479
      you have some lovley pics have liked most of them on dog photos, x
    3. WoodyGSP
      Ziva is beautiful! Glad you finally got your puppy, you must be so chuffed.
    4. Changes
      Thank you for the rep :D xxxx
    5. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep.
    6. Lilb
      I'm only allowed 5, how whack is that?!
    7. WoodyGSP
      Great xmas, apart from being ill with flu. It was cool to have snow at xmas. Don't make new years resolutions coz I don't keep them :D Hows your new house?
    8. WoodyGSP
      Full time staff have to do nights (staying over on site) which isn't really very family friendly unfortunately. TBH though they were a bit wierd, they have a really high staff turnover which is really unusual for that kind of job. They don't really trust staff enough and let them get on with their jobs. Not that I'm bitter because I kinda kept out of all that and kept my head down as I only did weekends, but most of the full time staff had a moan which was a real shame because they had some really good knowledgable staff who were being treated like sh*t.
    9. WoodyGSP
      I was 16 and OH was 24 when we met. I was just just leaving school. We met in the chinese takeaway where I worked. I don't work at the moment, looking for a P/T job, trouble is I had my dream job working in a wildlife rescue centre, but they couldn't afford part time staff any more and nothing else compares now.
    10. WoodyGSP
      Well keep us up to date with the dog search, whatever breed you decide on. And if you wanna meet my silly dog you could meet us in malverns? (I think thats about half way?)one day.
      Me and OH have been together about 10yrs now, not married yet, but engaged. Little boy is 3. I was never one for other peoples children, but knew I would like my own. I still don't really get excited about other peoples kids:D
      I'm nearly 27 BTW, saying I've been with OH 10yrs makes me sound old:D
      How old are you? How long you been with your OH?

      Oh just read your 27 too:thumbup:
    11. WoodyGSP
      Yes thats it- dermoid sinus. I don't know much about it, only that they talked about it on that pedigree dogs exposed programme.
      Woody's good. I've ordered a new harness for him too see if it will stop him pulling, so fingers crossed it'll work.
      I've got partner and a little boy. How about you? Any little ones?
    12. WoodyGSP
      Yeah I like Ridgebacks too. I know they can have problems with their spine due to the ridge(?) so definately make sure parents health tested etc. I 'm logging off now so I'll say bye.
    13. WoodyGSP
      When you say ride are you talking horses or bikes? Only if you mean bikes, have you seen bike joring with GSPs on You Tube? It looks excellent. And if you mean horse's can I come?:D
      I know what you mean about the health side of things. I really like Dobes. I'd quite like one as a second dog, but not sure if they are healthy enough.
      Woody is a year old now and has never been to the vet, other than for wormer and jabs. I've never even given him flea treatment and he's never had them. His mum is 6 and she's only been to the vet for the odd cut ear/foot and jabs etc. Very healthy breed indeed.
    14. WoodyGSP
      If you want to see a well behaved one, don't come and see mine then:D
      Seriously though, Well behaved ones DO exist. Its about how YOU train them really. Although they DO range far on a walk. I think they settle down a lot with age as Saffie is a lot less excitable than Woody. Woody is a terror for birds wheras Saffie mostly ignores them, they're all diffferent.
      I find Woods are good places to walk, because they can range without getting in to too much trouble.
      What other breeds do you like then?
    15. WoodyGSP
      The other dog is Saffie, Woodys mum. My MIL owns her. She's staying with us for a couple of weeks. It's quite a handful having the two of them:eek6:.
      The You Tube account is my OHs really, but I kinda took it over, with dog stuff:D
      Have you decided on which breed you want for definate yet or R U still deciding?
      You're not that far from me now in Kidderminster, I'm in Tewkesbury.
    16. WoodyGSP
      Hi Golfchick.Thanks for subscribing to Woody on you tube. Hows you? Did you move house in the end? Any news on getting a new dog?
    17. luvmydogs
      Thats fine, you sound like the right sort of person for an ES. Good luck whatever you choose. :)
    18. petworld
      hi so what pets have you got then ?
    19. sketch
      here if you want to natter hun xx
    20. sketch
      Aw sweetie, it does get better in time, the pain gets less but the memories will stay with you forever, here if ever you want to chat, when your feeling more able to
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