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Sep 2, 2019
Jun 15, 2009
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Sep 2, 2019
    1. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      One would hope so LOL I wouldn't altogether bank on it.
    2. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Yes there is, waiting for the usual suspects though LOL
    3. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thanks for the rep, think it might be a case of here we go again though another one of those threads.
    4. Sleeping_Lion
      Cheers hen, that's a lovely thing to say. Been up a hoist this morning, so have been catching up having a snooze, was up at 4am to make sure the girls had time to have breakfast and stretch their legs before they had to go back to bed. Need to download all my photos now and sort them out.
    5. Sleeping_Lion
      Cheers hen, I've got a thick skin. Bemused and amused by some of the attitudes, but there we go, nowt so queer as folk!
    6. Milliepoochie
      I have that spare brown ring toy like the SS toy - If you PM me your address il get it in the post to you :-) Millie prefers softer rubber toys to chew on so its just going to waste :-) Nikki x
    7. Hanlou
      Just to update you - I took your advice and bought two chickens and portioned them up into appropriate meaty / boney meals. Teddy has now been on raw for exactly one week and I'll be adding tripe mince tomorrow for the first time. He's absolutely loving it! No spending half an hour on a chicken wing anymore lol! Thanks again :-)
    8. Dogless
      It almost helped having Rudi as Kilo was just walking away from him all the time. Helps that I'm a nurse and have worked in pre hospital trauma and emergency type settings for years. Triggers certain things.
      Not sure I was hugely quick on the uptake, just lots of little warning sigs all adding up.
    9. Dogless
      It's hard trying to compare treatments for different conditions I must admit, but very nice to have someone who cares and is trying to help Kilo, mitherings are useful, throw up all sorts of things that wouldn't occur otherwise xx.
    10. Milliepoochie
      Sooooooo HAPPY!!! :-) As you can see from the pictures Polimba put up Millie had an amazing time. We went for a wlak round the lake yesterday with them and Millie was zooming and diving and swimming - Whilst Zimba was like 'wooooah crazy pup' hehe.
      Itsamazing to be home and have my girly back, I feel incredibly blessed to have such amazing poeple around me who I met on PF who welcome Millie into their home :-) x x
    11. tashi
      Some do, don't forget he has gone through a lot health wise which does make a difference. We are all ok, I am about most days just don't get much time to post now !
    12. SixStar
      Thanks for the rep - I think I've about given up with this one! :rolleyes: Enjoy the BH weekend! x
    13. tazsdad
      hi golden long time since I was on posted on dog chat and dog health with photo of tazs problem.rona suggested I asked you.hope you and yours are all well and you are taking care of yourself.all well here apart from poor taz who seems to get loads of problems.
    14. Waterlily
      thanks xx hope you are doing ok... btw have to readd ya, I culled it to zero a few months back and have to um.. ya.. readd everyone as I see them :D
    15. simplysardonic
      My pleasure, you should check out WL's thread in General, revelations aplenty ;) xx
    16. Julesky
      MOre than welcome- some people are just always so offensive!! :)
    17. Milliepoochie
      That always seems to happen lol - You are most def on form - Its all that practise dont you know ;-) haha x
    18. Milliepoochie
      Thank You ;-) x x
    19. SixStar
      He's nearly three, so yep, only a youngster. Our vet said that once it's happened it's almost guaranteed to happen again, so I'm on constant look out. He's had a gastropexy so that'll stop the torsion at least, but not the bloating.

      Poor Rupert - I can understand why that is concerning you.

      They're such a worry aren't they - like you say, if only they could tell you what's up.
    20. SixStar
      Hi GS - all well here thanks, hope you and the boys are ok.

      No, Harvey had not displayed the symptoms at any other time before. I had gone for a bath and when I came back downstairs Harvey was standing in the hallway rather than sitting in the lounge with my husband and the others - my husband said he wouldn't come in when called, but thought nothing of it.

      Thinking he was maybe too warm or needed the loo, I let him outside and straight away he started retching and then laid down panting heavily and wouldn't acknowledge me calling in. I went out to him and his stomach was hard and tight. He was more or less a textbook case.

      We were at the vets with fifteen minutes or noticing and were only just in time. Incredibly frightening - it makes me emotional just thinking back at it! :o
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