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Sep 2, 2019
Jun 15, 2009
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Sep 2, 2019
    1. pogo
      yes i did, what i did was fasted him the afternoon he came home, and onto raw the following morning. At the time i was feeding him little meals but often due to being so underweight. So started with small bowls of chicken wings, small carcasses, mince and chunks. Once he was eating happily i went to 2 meals a day, and started adding turkey necks in and the lamb after that. I went through adding foods in a bit quicker then i normally would but his stomach coped and i wanted to get to some fattier meats and more food in general to put weight on him. So he was probably eating most things in about 6 or 7 weeks but like i said his stomach coped just fine. Hope that helps :D x
    2. Phoolf
      Thanks Lily - not doing too bad - I've been going through a lot of personal things recently so not around much on here but Kes is doing well regardless :) How long til the University finishing line? x
    3. SLB
      Hey, do you want to put your survey up on Raw Rejects :)
    4. pogo
      thanks for the rep hun :) x
    5. cinnamontoast
      True, but this is two threads now where he's whinged that we don't answer seriously and that we don't care. Dunno how he dares!!
    6. cinnamontoast
      Thanks for the rep and I did!!! He's so flipping rude! Ex engineer so decided to create raw feeding tables and now dog walks, must know it all!!
    7. Milliepoochie
      Lol hope it made sense - or slight sense lol :-) x x x
    8. Milliepoochie
      No its standard to have it 3 yearly at my vets - The vet was joking / laughing when I asked about the regieme and said Millie could have full whack every year if I wanted to under the Vaccine for Life Scheme she is on - no skin of his back but he recommends a 3 yearly regieme. Il check everything tonight but Millie is with the horrible evil franchise that is vets4Pets and the scheme is the Vac4Life. They were recently joined to 'companion Care' vets I believe although each one is a franchise so could all be different. But certainly the Luton Vets4Pets this was the head vets viewpoint. A one off fee and all your pets vaccines are covered for life. Ie cheaper than £35 a year which some vets seem to charge for whether its Lepto or full whack booster lol. Il look up all the info when I get back. x x
    9. Milliepoochie
      Il check when I get home on her records etc im sure its Nobivic or something similar lol Bu t il check. I know she has full whack every 3 year with Lepto for two years in between. As she had her puppy vacs aged 10 months she is now due her first full 'booster' at 4.5 years old. Vaccines are so confusing to say the least. Ihave to admit it was only 2 years ago I actually asked my vet what she was being injected against and he explained.
    10. pogo
      Thanks for the rep ;) x
    11. babycham2002
      mwah ha ha ha
    12. babycham2002
      ermmm can you move please, I don't like your dog
    13. SixStar
      Yes, I'll be at Discover Dogs on the Sunday :)
    14. SixStar
      I was intending on popping over dogless for an hour or two to pick up some new vetbed but there is (or was) a lot a bad flooding around here - something a SmartCar isn't really built for and my husband needed the LR to get to work.

      Least the weather brightened up for you though and the bears enjoyed it. How odd about that girl! - oh yes, the perfect day out for a child who doesn't like dogs!
    15. SixStar
      Thanks for the rep :) - how was the Essex Dog Day?
    16. Dogless
      Was trying to PM you but your inbox is full as I have just seen Pogo's pointed out below me :o :p xx
    17. pogo
      Your inbox is full so can't pm you :o am i on you SS list still :)
    18. Milliepoochie
      Thank for the rep GS :-) You know my thoughts ;-) x x
    19. SixStar
      Thanks GS - the owner of the site was actually on here several months back when he first launched it so I have seen it, but thanks for thinking of me!
    20. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Hello GS, was wondering if you are planning on a small secret santa this year? Starting a bit earlier, might be an idea :-)
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