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Jun 21, 2011
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PetForums VIP, Male, from Germany

    1. pogo
      yess i'll have a look for you bear in mind though he's still underweight so looks rather small for an ambull :)
    2. GoldenShadow
      Thanks for the rep :) x
    3. Devil-Dogz
      Thanks for the rep - we are not totally disagreeing! (just a wee bit ;)..)!!
    4. Katie1168

      Appreciate the link. Thank you for your assistance.
    5. Katie1168
      Hi Goblin,

      You have given me advice before and I was hoping to ask you for more advice on RAW please if I could. I am on week 3/4 with raw. Tilly did well on turkey and chicken wings.
      Then I made an error by giving her chicken wings and chicken chunks of meat. She started to have runny poo with blood. I followed your advice starved her for 24 hrs and then went back on to turkey and slowly brought the chicken back into the diet. She had chcken wing and meat on Monday refused to eat on Tuesday. She did a normal stool this morning but refused to eat and then had runny poo with a fair amount of blood.
      I will not feed her for the rest of the day. Do I stop trying her on chicken and move onto pork. Vet has checked her and said yet again he cant find any underlining health issues. When she was poorly on commerical dog food I gave her rice and boiled chicken and the results were not good. She also is nt too clever with eggs.
      Please could you kindly advise. Thank you
    6. Lilb
      Daisy certainly looks like she'll be growing into those paws.

      The picture in Abbie's album on page 2 is the night I picked her up. She was grossly underweight but has since put on at least 6kg. She was used for breeding and had been a Mum far too many times before we collected her. She also suffers from arthritis but is responding to treatment well.

      Thank you for messaging me, it's nice to know I'm not the only owner of a dog 'with a big white head!' - as others say.
    7. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep - love to see folk change to raw.
    8. Cleo38
      Thanks for the rep!
    9. Lilb
      Oh wow!

      I just shouted the OH to come and see Emma, I've never seen another dog that looked so much like Abbie and with the same colourings - I'm gobsmacked! Your dogs are absolutely beautiful.

      I've also added more recent pictures of Abbie. She seems more slender than Emma - is Emma older? Abbie is now 2 1/2 and we're wondering if she's stopped growing.
    10. Lilb
      Hi Goblin, thank you so much for your kind words!

      We were told at The Dog's Trust that she was a Boxer X but on walks and the vets they've said she looks more like an American Bulldog. We've had the odd Staffy comment (usually from Staffy owners) but I don't see it myself.

      I must update the album as she has changed so much in the 6 months we've had her - she's much bigger and her general condition has improved no end.

    11. lucyandsandy
      Aw thank you! It is going really well now, just had an order from raw2go which I got excited about but it stinks! She is eating chicken and tripe and munches through chicken wings really well. Am going to introduce rabbit next week and then lamb bones and liver to the boney meals etc.
      Sandy is loving it and licks her bowl clean everytime. She can't tolerate eggs though I found out the other day so won't give those again.
      Sorry I have written you an essay bet you wish you hadn't asked now! I am definately a convert to raw now and wouldn't go back to commercial food, some people think I am odd and others have shown an interest so shows how much I talk about my dog!
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