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Jun 21, 2011
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PetForums VIP, Male, from Germany

    1. Natzzhixon
      Thamk you for.the rep
    2. DirtyGertie
      Thanks for the rep. TBH I probably thought the same as you probably did at first but as it was a newbie I decided to be patient and hopefully OP will take the hint and start reading ;).
    3. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D x
    4. DoggieBag
      Thanks for the rep.
    5. Howl
      Just wanted to say everytime I see your sig it makes me go aww at Nelson he is lovely I know you aren't suppose to have favourite but :)
    6. noushka05
      it wont let me subscribe to the site but ive subscibed for their news letter....thanks again so much x
    7. noushka05
      hiya Goblin thanks everso much, i'd really Love to have a read of that,but youve forgot to attach the link:p x
    8. IndysMamma
      thanks for the rep :)
    9. noushka05
      aw no ive never seen that, how amazing and it just demonstrates what wonderful animals they are with the bonds they form, thanks so much. One of my huskies, Inca, greets me in the exact same way as that, i only have to be away for a short time and when i come home she goes super fussy, and she gently nibbles my face with her front teeth just like the wolves did to Anita lol x
    10. AmberNero
      bless him, he looks so calm there, I can't wait for the update photos to see how he is doing now!
    11. AmberNero
      Awww, sorry- yes, I meant Benny. I'm really glad to hear he is doing so well, you are such a star for offering him such a loving home and a second chance :) xx
    12. AmberNero
      How is your Nelson doing? Has he settled in ok?
    13. Kiwi
      That makes you a lovely person in my book. Good for you x
    14. Malmum
      PDE just made me furious TBH, can't stand some of the breeders on there and a pompous old woman who culls her Ridgie pups for not having a ridge, ooow I'd like to get my hands on her!!!
      Glad Benny is recovering well and I would imagine the collar would interfere with his senses quite a lot. Must be difficult though because he can't be allowed to scratch his eyes can he? Poor baby, gloves and booties maybe. Big virtual hugs from here and lots of get well wishes. xxx
    15. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep and a great prog as far as I'm concerned!
      How is Benny, he was due to have his op on the 21sty wasn't he? Hope he's okay bless him.
    16. Bedslug
      Benny looks like such a happy chap :)
    17. leashedForLife
      thank U very kindly for the rep. :001_smile: personally, i find it horrifying
      that such high-profile breeders have sunk to deliberate choices that most BYBs would
      avoid; it's stunning. :nonod: Merle - merle breedings turn my stomach.

      as if the damage done to any living pups were not enuf, there is also the strong
      likelihood of multiple pups resorbed, stillbirths, & pups who fade within days.

      How wicked can ppl be?... well, judging from this, many can be very cruel, indeed.
      they might not BREED 2 merles, but they are happy to breed TO a double-merle -
      & to thereby profit from another's cruelty. :mad5:
    18. suewhite
      Hi Thanks for all the advise for blind dog he has always been blind and is 9 now so think he will be well adapted to being blind,hope you dont mind if I get back to you if I need advise.Thanks again Suex
    19. theevos5
      Hi I stopped by and had a nose through your pics and oh my God I am so in love with Nelson.They are all gorgeous but I always have a soft spot for a hound!! Thanks for sharing the pics -Jacqui
    20. Malmum
      I know, it's not too important to them and it's us (or me) that find it difficult to handle. Funny how I work with ill people and am fine but show me a poorly dog and I go to jelly. Must be my age, lol!
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