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Apr 16, 2010
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    1. MrsWright
      Thank you. He's a little darling. I'm sure he will stop his naughty ways soon lol. x
    2. Shrap
      i'm good just dead busy trying to organise this auction plus my life and internet keeps playing up and now roxy has taken half the keys off my keyboard so it's extra special effort to type properly lmao... you been up to much?xx
    3. Shrap
      gorgeous lad? lmao, hope you're talking about the dog! ! :D :D How are you?x
    4. PoisonGirl
      hey they are called collar slide tags, my vet sells them but they are cheaper on ebay
      DOG/CAT COLLAR SLIDE ID TAGS INC FREE ENGRAVING on eBay (end time 12-Mar-11 18:29:27 GMT)

    5. danielled
      Alot of us have been voteing everyday it helps and you will be helping cat protction too.
    6. danielled
      Brilliant many people I know wouldn't vote everyday I have will you.
    7. danielled
      Have you voted for Haricat.
    8. danielled
      All my cats died at the age of 3 years old.
    9. danielled
      I managed to go in the sea had to to put a jellyfish in there as he was on the sand not in the water how he got there Idon't know. I couldn't leave him there didn't want him to die he was a baby jellyfish. I'm haveing a miss Toby night.
    10. danielled
      I stuck to the sand these last few times and plus my little cousin Carter will probably want me to go in with him.
    11. danielled
      In bulgaria me and my cousin were in the sea well a rip current found me luckily wasn't as strong as they can be. Managed to swim back ok although it did keep pulling me sideways trying to pull me out I got back though since that day I have been scared of the sea.
    12. danielled
      I will I hope I don't get a repeat performance of what happened in bulgaria when I was in th sea with my cousin when I go to the beach in america.
    13. danielled
      I will get it checked my kit I don't know wher that is so will take some of the tank water to a specialised fish shop to get it checked.
    14. danielled
      Harry and Barni were in the tank.
    15. danielled
      Two more of my fish Harry and Barni have died. I don't know what is happening. It's not fair they died too young.
    16. danielled
      Mum just keeps saying I won't find him. He is ony a baby he's never been on his own away from me before.
    17. danielled
      Snail is still missing poor Sammy hope he's ok mum says I won't find him but he is only a baby. He needs me. He's out there somewhere. I just want to find him safe. He's never been on his own before.
    18. danielled
      Thank you so do I second time he has done this. How are you today.
    19. danielled
      I know what it's like went through it with my Toby RIP Toby little buddy yes please do let me know will be thinking of you. I'm offskies to bed now night night.
    20. danielled
      I'll keep everything crossed for tomorrow for you and your dog. I remember when I took my cat Toby to be done I was worried sick she will be fine.
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