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Dec 23, 2014
Nov 2, 2009
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August 6
international superstar ;-)

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PetForums VIP, from UK

GillyR was last seen:
Dec 23, 2014
    1. Waterlily
    2. metame
      lol, cheers. im the fat one :p
    3. michaelasi
      that's the spirit , little princess she is
    4. billyboysmammy
      thanks for the rep! God for it hun! I cant wait to start properly :)
    5. alaun
      Thanks for the rep. You go for it - you won't regret it. I have changed a lot since I did my degree, (I hope for the better, lol).
    6. bird
      Forgot about it to be honest. :o :rolleyes:
    7. dobermum
      Hey GillyR & Furkids:) How are ya all today? Sorry for delay in getting back to yas. Weather miserable here, and just checking not'fs from friends, and got yours. Hope u r well, and amma coming to visit ya 'cyberfurhome' later today 'f that's ok! Stick kettle on, I will bring some decent biscuits to dook *yum* :D


      TTU l8r! x from us all and to ya furkids x
    8. dobermum

      Thanks for the rep GillyR :) It's nice to meet you. May I add you as a friend please? Apart from you being civil it's only right that I should follow Waterlily and keep an eye on her lol.

      Nice to meet you. I hope you and the gang are well. Please bear with me and I will take a look at your gorgeous lil bundleafurkids. Best wishes D x
    9. Waterlily
      And thanks for accepting :D
    10. bird
      Thanks for that :thumbup:
    11. Shamen
      yorkies are great little dogs i love em:D funnily enough my best friend wnen i was a kid had 3 i couldnt get enough of them... i loved it at her house lol, what a sweet little family you have sounds like they have a lovely bond:) xxx
    12. Shamen
      awwwwwwwwwww your profile pic:p how adorable xx
    13. Shamen
      heya Gillie im okay thanks ive been quite busy lately so just been popping on occasionally, mind you sometimes i hardly dare look incase theres another numpty on the forum!:D lol

      how are you keeping?:) xxx
    14. Mum2Alfie
    15. RAINYBOW
      Thanks hun. Still think about her often, such a loss to the world. Some people just touch your life i suppose xx
    16. owieprone
      not bad not bad, don't usually come on here after work or weekends.. i try to avoid computers after work :D and have been super busy at work lately so only been able to comment quickly on things or just read.

      had a busy weekend, which made a rather refreshing change.. though slightly achey and a lot tired from moving LOADS of heavy crap that's accumulated in our garden and house over the last 2 odd years. hired a van and moved it ALL to the OH's parents garage for THEM to take to the tip at their leisure or to give to the church fete or to give to the council to give to some poor buggers who've lost furniture etc in fires and that.

      so rather rewarding but dear god i need to get into weight lifting again.. i'm puny!

      Nice to have a clean and big garden again and our spare room back! the cats must think we've built an extension.

      what about you, have a good long weekend?
    17. sequeena
      Thanks for the rep hun x I'm sad I can't do anything because of Luna and having no transport :(
    18. lifeizsweet
      Thank you so much for offering, i think Birmingham to reading would be a bit far unfortunately. But seriously, thank you for offering. Hopefully we get him sorted, I really don't want to have to rehome, but can't afford to have to move again! breaks my heart to even think of it :( x
    19. simplysardonic
      thanks for the rep hun xx :)
    20. Shamen
      awwww how lovely, thanks ever so much for letting me know Gilly i handnt seen that:p xxxx

      i'll never understand how anyone could want to hurt such a beautiful creature:confused:
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    August 6
    international superstar ;-)
    Animals / Reading / Eating :)
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