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Dec 23, 2014
Nov 2, 2009
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August 6
international superstar ;-)

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GillyR was last seen:
Dec 23, 2014
    1. Shamen
      hiya Gilly, not been around for ages hope you are well:)
    2. GillyR
      Hello Beautiful !!
      Not too bad thankls, not been around for a while, been really busy, how are you ?
    3. metame
      hey you! How's things?
    4. Mum2Alfie
    5. GoldenShadow
      Yes new name and I have got Facebook. Will PM you the link. x
    6. leashedForLife
      housebound due to the $%#*@! INCREDIBLE HEAT - 104-degrees F today,
      so i am stuck at home - but am otherwise OK, just frustrated. ;) blessings,
      - terry
    7. leashedForLife
      an article *cynthia AKA c-j anderson wrote on Helium -
      Victoria Stilwell or Cesar Millan: Who would you call? - by Cj Anderson - Helium

      there's a poll - VOTE! please... :thumbup:
      :) happy B-day, hun...
    8. GoldenShadow
      Now he's a bit more mature he does actually do as I ask sometimes, don't even have to bribe :D

      Did you have a nice birthday? x x
    9. Mum2Alfie
    10. Mum2Alfie
    11. metame
      all that happened when i was at uni was it got worse so somehow i think when i finally get to move out nothing will improve. if i'm lucky all contact will cease. haha.

      and everyone keeps telling me to look into social work. don't think it's for me.
    12. metame
      thanks but i dont think so - only got a 2:2 and everywhere wants a 2:1 or a first.
      and yeah, but we've never got on. arguments and shouting and silence since i was 8 or 9 it's getting old and boring now.

      i hate hot weather. glad its been pretty cool here today.

      walking dogs is better than nothing. What exercise dvd? i like the davina ones.
    13. metame
      lol, thank you. I got a BA with honours in philosophy and psychology - just. guess i couldn't hope for higher withe the lack of work though. Everything's up at home. I really need a job so i can move out, and preferably far far away but nothings coming up yet. Yeah, i dont get on with my mother. I was home from India for less than two days and we were already not talking. Only been back a day now and im staying out of the way. Which is hard to do when i have to use her computer AND we're moving house in the next couple of weeks - downsizing just to make things even worse.

      sorry, rambling on now.

      so you not like the hot weather? I plan on trying to lose some weight to just have no motivation.
    14. metame
      im ok i guess. was away for graduation but am back home now so things will get worse again really really quickly. How are you? How is everything?
    15. suewhite
      Hi Gilly sorry havent answered but only just come back on forum my eyes went up the creek again so could"nt see thanks for missing me,hope alls well with you.Suexxx
    16. bullet
      Thanks for the friends request, welcome aboard, lol
    17. borderer
      he has been to iraqu goes to afghan next year
    18. simplysardonic
      lol, he can take it hes a great sport :D
    19. xxwelshcrazyxx
    20. hawksport
      Calming down nicely. Today he has flown 2mtrs to the glove.
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    August 6
    international superstar ;-)
    Animals / Reading / Eating :)
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