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Feb 26, 2014
Aug 1, 2008
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Sep 3, 1987 (Age: 33)
Cambuslang, Glasgow
Currently a full time mummy but in the process of

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PetForums Senior, 33, from Cambuslang, Glasgow

Gil3987 was last seen:
Feb 26, 2014
    1. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Hello Gill, How are you ? xxxx
    2. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Hello Gill,

      So sorry for delay in replying, my lifes been very hactic the last few months!

      Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl, Kelsy Lauren is a gorgeous name :) How was the birth?

      Kumas fine thank you, she was 6months last weekend! Shes got bigger, will put up pictures soon xx
    3. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Hey Chick, Kumas doing great thanks, growing fast and weighs an impressive 14kg already!

      Shes had all her jabs and can go out now, she loves it, such a little poser she hardly lets anyone go past us without stroking her :)

      Shes been great with other dogs although she seems to try to climb on most of them :S

      Biscuits doing good to, him and Kuma have met and she thinks hes a toy so were hanging on introducing them anymore till shes not so playful!

      Hows pregnancy going? Cant be long left until ur due, are u still scared?
      Exciting tho love babies you must post pics when he/she arrives, have you thought of names?

    4. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Congratulations hunni, i didnt even know you were pregnant! Is it your first baby? Bet your excited!
      The thought of having a baby terrifies me :( xx
    5. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Both are getting on well thank you, kumas had all her jabs, two weeks and she can start going for walks :)

      Kuma is so photogenic, she loves the camera!

      How are you? X x
    6. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Yeah fingers crossed she does not eat biscuit!
      Toilt training is going ok thanks she has had a few accidents in the house but only wees shes never done a poo. We went to work yesterday n she whined like hel when we were gone, only out for a couple hours but she missed us alot! She seemed to forget as soon as we got in, hopefully she will soon get used to the routine!

      Not using a crate but we have an area penned off with a baby gate for her bed which she has never messed in and seems to love it in there :) xx
    7. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Thank you :) shes a little sweetie pie. Love her so much already!
      She didnt mind biscuit at all i showed them to each other, through the cage and she didnt even seem interested.
      Did you ever have to leave Kai at home alone when you had him? Like going to work etc? xx
    8. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Hi Gil, pics of kuma are up. she's home finally! xx
    9. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Thank you although i have just seen on a news website that there is another cold spell on its way :(

      Just been working alot, saving money for our new arrival im currently on day 6 of my 10 day week :) roll on sunday! Cant wait to have a lie in.

      Did you manage to find the cable for your phone? xx
    10. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Weather has been gorgeous the last week or so really, cant wait for the weekend, if it stays nice we are planning on having a BBQ i think :)

      Not long till Kumas home now a week saturday yey exciting stuff :)

      You been up to much? xx
    11. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Bin bags full, oh dear, as someone who is a frantic cleaner im going to hate that then lol :S

      We have laminate floors, is that better than having carpets?

      We will be sure to use the word heel from a young age so she gets used to it.

      :) Hope you ok today & enjoying the gorgeous weather :) xx
    12. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      I have also invested in a furminator, as i am aware of the blowing of the coat twice a year.

      I will pop into pets at home and get that halti lead for her, dont want her pulling!

      Thank you for the info on food, thats really helpfull, it is very expensive food the pro plan, but then so is Kuma! she is going to live the life of a princess :)

      Really glad i have a fellow Akita owner to talk to it really is a releif, i hope you dont mind if i contact you with questions from time to time?

    13. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      She has been spoilt already and we dont even have her yet :)

      I seriously cant wait, im looking forward to the whole thing, the walks the company everything i cant wait :) nice time of year to get her to with the nice weather.

      Did u bath Kai much?

      With your halti lead did you have one that went on his head or that was controlled from the chest area, there are 2 different types and im not sure which to get! Do they really help with walking?

      I would love to see more photos of Kai :)

      She eats dry food only at the mo, the breeeders feed all the akitas pro plan, so i think i will just stick to that. What did you feed Kai?

    14. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Im not made of money either hunni so i cant spoil her too much :)

      Have already got clickers, and my partner & i are looking forward to getting started on that :)

      We pick her up on the 24th of this month, so excited will be sure to post up lots of pictures for you, looks like she is a poser in the making!

      I know some people are scared of these types of dogs, huskies malamutes etc included, but having to argue with someone, i mean you obviously know what breed of dog you have! She is a 5th gen pedigree, and comes with papers i will be sure to keep them handy incase i have any similar confrontations ha ha

      Did your Kai get really big in the time you had him, i hear akitas grow loads in the first year, she is going to be a big girl :) xx
    15. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Hello :)

      I will def keep that in mind then, as i can imagine its easy to spoil her and then she will think she can get her own way etc all the time!

      We dont want children so were gettin a dog instead, but i am able to think of her as a companion rather than a baby i hope :S

      Shame you could not take him to Crufts, that would have been an amazing experience :)

      Im def going to take Kuma to obedience training etc. I was under the impression she can be let off the lead when there is no animals around.

      We fell in love with her as she is different from the rest of the litter, my partner really liked the black masks but we decided on Kuma in the end as she is different.

      Did people always come over to you when you were walking Kai and say how nice he was etc as i have been told to expect this also :) i love the fact Akitas are an uncommon dog, i have only ever seen one in the flesh and they are so striking & they stand so proud :)

      Emma xx
    16. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Hi gill, i have been told to make sure she knows shes last in the pecking order in the family :)

      It will be hard not to make a fuss over her though she is such a cutie :) when u say you babied Kai what were you like with him, as obviously i dont want to get into that routine!

      We are fortunate that we have both front and back gardens with high walls so she will be able to have free roam out side, and we also have a big park nearby so she can also enjoy walkies there every day :)

      She is from a breeder called Kumatomo Akitas, based in yorkshire they have bred akitas for over 15 years & the breeder is fantastic. Any questions no matter what they are they are happy to answer :)

    17. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Hello Gill, thanks for accepting my friend request :) Your boy looks gorgeous in your avatar, shame you had to rehome him though, why was he not getting on in your flat?

      Not had an Akita before but its not a decision my partner and i have rushed into, its been months and months of looking around etc we are getting her froma reputable breeder, and have been able to go and see her with her parents and all their other dogs :)

      How did you find having an Akita?

    18. katie2
      Hi there Im sorry I havnt been able to get back to you earlier, thank you for the reply to my post. We still have our chico its very hard to let him go and I must be sure he goes to a good home, im afraid that you are in the borders and Im in Wishaw (nr Motherwell) so theres a fair bit of distance between us!
      Chico is 2 years old and is golden in colour he is people friendly although it takes a wee bit time for him to trust you he loves being petted and brushed and he runs in circles round our feet (its a rabbit thing) he uses a litter tray in his cage which is great for me as its so much cleaner... he is a darling rabbit but unfortunately my wee grandson is very allergic to him and come the end of January I will be taking care of him during the day when his mums maternity leave ends. Thanks for your interest, hope you and your pet have a lovely Christmas.

    19. Gil3987
      thank you!! i will put up some current pics of him he is 13 months now!!
    20. Jo P
      Jo P
      Just wanted to say your Akita looks GORGEOUS in your avatar - think we should have some full size pics to drool over!!!
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    Sep 3, 1987 (Age: 33)
    Cambuslang, Glasgow
    Currently a full time mummy but in the process of
    Spending time with my Fiance and my daughter, myself and my fiance run an amateur football team so that keeps us busy :)


    Mummy to my daughter Kelsy Lauren born 1st July 2010.

    We have a Tropical fish tank with a crazy common plec who thinks he is a whale the way he leaps up out of the water!


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