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Feb 19, 2009
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who cares?

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PetForums VIP, from Carlisle

    1. Tanya1989
      Not doing to bad, although the Bergie thinks its hilarious now to jump on mummy when she's asleep. Waiting for bitch to come in season now. She was due in on 28th June but has decided to keep us waiting. Looks like she'll come in over next week or so, she's started cleaning thoroughly... fingers crossed.

      How is your gorgeous little man?
    2. gesic
      :( :( :( !!! evr had 1 of those days where u go to bed n hope to god u dont wake up again?
    3. Tanya1989
    4. RachyBobs
      thankyou! :D :D :D :D
    5. leashedForLife
      caption 35 - lets laugh! - Pet Forums Community :D
    6. alphadog
      Thanks for the input on the castration thread I started. I've never been in this position before becuase my previous male dogs (bar the family dog as a kid - when I wasn't the one in control of neutering) all came to me as castrated dogs.
      I really want to get the timing right - pysiologically and pyscoligically - a tought call!
      Cheers, Rachel
    7. Tanya1989
      Yeah she had testing, that is how we know when ovulation was. I think the main problem was that she doesn't get to meet many other dogs and all she wanted to do is play. It wasn't until the very end that she decided to stand. They were introduced from day one of season so they could "court" but she still didn't stand. Hoping this time that because she has been better socialized that she will be more willing to stand as she will realise.
    8. Tanya1989
      I wish, she absorbed :( well, we think she did, she was scanned too early for my liking and I tink the owner was too optimistic with what the scanner said. When first told it was "she is definitely pregnant, I can see changes in womb" then a week later when to a canine scanner and she said there were no puppies. I think it was a case of just a phantom that caused the changes. We are trying again at next season. IMO she didnt stad til it was too late. She didnt stand until 4 days after ovulation, by then the eggs were dying. Was really disappointed but this time we'll be ready for her :)
    9. mollythecollie
      Hello :) I have nightshift instead - no lectures anymore as only six months to go!
    10. mitch4
      The dog in your Avatar is stunning :)
    11. alaun
      Thanks for friend request. Love your new avatar.
    12. tashi
      that made me laugh, yes she is a sweetheart, she is now 10 but has always been washed in the bathroom sink bless her
    13. alaun
      Lol, no nothing is ever safe. The cats open the fridge too, its a bit of team effort with them all really. Your dog must be pretty good at clearing surfaces too - what's his name? Christmas day a glass of red wine got the tail treatment:( I hate wastage.
    14. alaun
      Lovely dogs and cat. Mine are indeed Irish Red and White setters - and little devils! We've called one of the pups Taz short for Tasmanian Devil.:D

      By the way your teas ready:D
    15. Tanya1989
      my little boy is at home now... bought him home today... looks a bit of a state but full of life and out chasing snowballs as we speak.... eating like he hasnt eaten for a week (which he hasnt lol) great to have him home tho, ill never complain about wet muddy floors again x
    16. sketch
      Aw thank you so much, libby is a little darling bless her, her two big brothers (GSD's) can be hooligans bless them, they are known as the Dynamic Duo bless them, they are, or should i say can be very good haha
    17. dinks
      Hiya im good just been mad busy with work and my boy!Been managing a quick nose here and there!
    18. Acacia86
      Lol! Bless him! I will happily accept a Grunt! xx

      Yeah i'm ok i guess, and my ESS is still as mad as ever! I have got no further in my quest for another dog. Still at least i have a while to decide! x
    19. harmeetjohal
      love the pics of the leo.... mine is 13months now... they the best
    20. Acacia86
      Hi hun, how are you. Long time no speak! How is my (sorry your) Leo?? xx
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    who cares?
    everyday that passes brings me closer to the end and being reunited with my soulmate......those days cannot pass fast enough!


    Master or servent?? Just remember who shovels who's poo up. There's your answer!
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