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Jul 15, 2014
Jun 22, 2012
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Horsham, UK
Digital Communications Officer, RSPCA

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PetForums Junior, from Horsham, UK

GemmaRSPCA was last seen:
Jul 15, 2014
    1. emricoll2011
      Hi Gemma, we adopted ROXY from Millbrook on the 3rd of July. She is doing really well. And we would like to know how the other 43 get on. Please let us know how we can follow them all.
    2. Roger Downes
      Roger Downes
      Hi Gemma
      Personally I think the RSPCA do a very difficult job,and they will be dammed by some no matter what they do. I appreciate that due to the size and scale of work, you have to run more towards a business than perhaps a local animal charity could. I always donate to the RSPCA twice per year. Could you give me a breakdown how donations are used. Thanks.
    3. kittykat57
      Hey... I know someone who is neglecting their 2 cats by keeping them in a stinking, dirty, untidy home. Reported it to SSPCA. She needs a wake up call and get her two cats re-homed as they are stressed, thinning and badly neglected. It makes my blood BOILLLL!!! If I could, I would take her cats to my home. It is HER who needs to be shot and I really feel for the cats :-(
    4. MeganLouise95
      Hi Gemma,

      I'm very passionate about animals well being and hate people who neglect their animals!
      Was wondering what kind of qualifications you would need to work at the RSPCA? I wouldn't mind working and taking care if the animals that have been rescued. Or even going out rescuing neglected animals. What kind of experience or qualifications would I need?
    5. gracealexander
      Hi Gemma

      I have tried contacting the RSPCA regarding my puppy I bought from what now seems like a very dodgy breeder. They said they will forward it to an officer but I feel nothing is going to happen with this.
      Would be great if you had any advice.
    6. alan g a
      alan g a
      Yes. But sometimes they are brought into the patio to free fly in with us, particularly when the weather is cold. I was a breeder but I have put my breeding program on hojd as there isn't enough deemand ATM. The 4 yougest ( 3 yeares old ) were hatched and brought up in my aviary.
      managery it is ( and noisy too sometimes ). Up untill last year I had 4 cats. Candy, the mum of the remaing 3, Sadly died peacefully in her sleep aged 18 years. She had a good and never knew pain or suffering her life. I love all animal and treat them withe respect they deserve.
    7. alan g a
      alan g a
      Hi Gemma. Nice to hear from you at last. I'd to tell you something about myself. I am a huge animal lover ( why else would I be on PF LOL! ) I have six cocktiels, 2 rats and 3 dopey cats, 1 of which is sitting on my lap as I type. ( LEAVE THE KEYBOARD ALONE YOU DAFT CAT ). That's all for now, speak to you again soon.
    8. ripped off
      ripped off
      Hi Gemma, please look at imported dogs thread, by ripped off. thanks.
    9. vegasgirl
      Hi Gemma I hope you are well and dealing with the ignorance of some of the ignoramuses on here. Some people do not understand what a difficult job the rspca have to do. A lot of us would like to hear from you.
    10. Whiskershiver
      Hi Gemma, just wanted to say having read through some of the posts on the welcome thread of your, that you handled the onslaught well and although it is very sad that some awful decisions have had to be made by the RSPCA this country is a better place for having you guys. I'm just sorry that it appears you are no longer active on here and that is a massive shame.
    11. alan g a
      alan g a
      Hi gemma. I just popped in to find ou if you have any views on the badger cull.
    12. Jane Dryad
      Jane Dryad
      Hi Gemma. I'm saddened by all this hatred of the RSPCA as I'm sure you are.
      As I said in one of my posts, animal welfare is like religion and a highly emotive subject. I've been drawn into arguments, looked down on and criticized for my interest in animal welfare and treatment of animals in general. I've had to draw back from it because these people were upsetting me almost as much as those guilty of cruelty and neglect towards animals. I hope you will continue to fight for what you think is right.
      Best wishes, JD xx
    13. Matrix/Logan
      Heloooooooo!! Anyone there?!?! You seem to have magicked yourself away?! Or maybe the RSPCA have agreed with all of us and sacked you to save some much needed money?? X
    14. bigal2
      hi gemma.my name big al. i like welcome to pet forum i am new to this as well so like to become your friend.from me
    15. Treaclesmum
    16. alan g a
      alan g a
      Hi Gemma, and welcome. Don't about the greeting you received at the start. People on PF are usually very nice people. Sometimes though they get a little heated. Don't let it put you off staying with us.
    17. zany_toon
      Hi Gemma - just wanted to say welcome to the forum but didn't want to get involved in all the arguments on your thread!!
    18. raggs
      Hi Gemma yes, welcome to the Pet Forum, im sure your experience could be so valuable for a lot of members in here, hope to chat with you soon............Chris.
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    Home Page:
    Horsham, UK
    Digital Communications Officer, RSPCA
    My name’s Gemma Smith and I’m in charge of social media for the RSPCA. I’m really passionate about animal welfare and I love all animals, although my favourite is a cat! I’d like to get to know people from different forums and answer any of your questions, so please PM me if there’s anything you’d like to know.

    In my free time I like reading, going to the pub with my mates, going to the gym and some yoga!


    I'm the Digital Communications Officer for the RSPCA, I love animals and would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions feel free to PM me!
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