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Sep 13, 2012
Aug 15, 2011
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PetForums Member, from London

gemcml was last seen:
Sep 13, 2012
    1. ukdave
      Your cats are beautiful <3
    2. Barklett
      did you find the pet remedy natural de-stress and calming plug-in diffuser? It has had amazing reviews... you can get it from petvetcare.co.uk. see the reviews on petremedy.co.uk...makes great reading!!!
    3. danielled
      Nothing better to do he even tried the send danielled a friend requests move no way hosay.
    4. danielled
      I don't know lol. Strange is it not lol.
    5. danielled
      I've not been wrong yet. They call me the troll and spammer catcher. I can sniff them out a mile. Take a message I had yesterday from him.

      Pets go to shopping. You can.

      That was the message yesterday kept it too.
    6. danielled
      Fine was banned yesterday as usfine rejoined today as fine even kind enough to leave me a message or two yesterday lol. Dodgy or what.
    7. Iheartcats
      Hi! What happened to "that thread" last night the one with all the arguing on about a someone rehoming their cat?? Lol! It was a real popcorn evening. I didn't get involved and kept refreshing my screen for the next installment. Then the thread got moved??? I'm fairly new to this forum but heck. What a disappointment! I had some message that said something like I don't have enough posts to access the thread.
    8. Paddypaws
      Dont worry that all sounds fairly normal for a cat that is a little shy and unsettled. You could try getting a Feliway plug in ( ebay, or medicanimal) to ease her into a new home. Lots of advise on forum about how to make introductions etc.
    9. Paddypaws
      Ah, so you came all this way to collect little Truffle. Aw, I am sure she will settle in soon enough.
    10. Paddypaws
      so are you in walthamstow then?
    11. Iheartcats
      Thanks for the friend request!
    12. hazel pritchard
      hazel pritchard
      Oh im not that far from you i am in essex, would love to trace my Pritchard family , dad left when i was young so have knowledge of his family,
    13. hazel pritchard
      hazel pritchard
      Hi nice to meet another Pritchard , i live in Essex but my father was Welsh and im told its a Welsh name,
    14. mstori
      might have a flutter on weds :) i can still remember my lines.. i stopped doing it when they started doing a weekday one i didnt agree with them using the same numbers.

      Thats so sweet :) My kids want me to have a baby with my ex so it has the same surname as us all lol.. as you can imagine oh isnt too keen on that part of the idea :D

      haha, the innocence of kids.. mine have none of that! wish i could rewind sometimes :D
    15. mstori
      aww thankyou, as do you :)
      think ill buy one this week just in case then.. what day is it on? lol

      2 close together then a canny age gap. does that work ok? bet your daughter loves mothering your youngest? my kids are desp for a bro or sis but dont think that something santa will help with lol. im sure she is an angel :)
    16. mstori
      no!!!! thank god! he has a proper bark!! i couldnt deal with a yap lol i think thats why people get a shock, they hear this big bark then see an ankle biter :D

      honestly they are no bother, any of them. They are all my reason for living. Im pretty much housebound atm so they mean a lot to me. Wish i had more money and a better home again, but hoping that will improve,:)
      are your kids at school?
    17. mstori
      i wanted him to be the size of a great dane that somehow genetics would screw up cos ive always had big dogs and never really been into small dogs lol

      my oh is seriously doing my head in atm... lock the saucepans away.. i dont want to dent them :D

      yeah i have 2 kids, my daughter is 9 and my son is 13 on Halloween. I have reu dog emleigh cat, 7 guinea pigs-Stevie, phoenix-jaymi, travis-gandalf, Neo, Korben-zeus, Ebony and Ivory 5 rabbits- Lara-grayce, lightning, georgia-amelia, sasha and izzy, 4 gerbils-arma, geddon, calleigh, kira, 1 degu called samson and danny the plec lol. Id love another cat and dog to complete the family! yep im mad but they are my life and all i really have, how sad is that! x
    18. katie200
      awwww well jazz is beautiful jessies she 2 yr old now thanks she is cute but has her moments lol and my cats smokey and holly are both 3yr time flys by lol glad your feeling a bit better hun
    19. katie200
      awwww your dog pic well cute what type of dog is he/she and how old i have a lab and two cats and how are you to day hun
    20. mstori
      he is the size of a miniature poodle, dont think he will get much bigger now. He is the smallest dog ive had. Its strange having a small dog lol.
      Dont tempt me on the rehoming the Oh ;p we dont live together, and im tempted to keep it that way :)
      aww what a nice little family, but i bet they keep you busy :)
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