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Jan 9, 2016
    1. Rockymurphydaisy
      Hi could you please send me a copy of the planning application please my email many thanks
    2. dogshouse
      Hi Galsy,
      Im new on this Forum. It seems you are a busy bee helping people through the planning process of setting up a grooming business from home. Im sorry to bother you but would you mind sending me a copy of your planning application too (sorry to be a pain). I currently training and holding down a job to pay for bills and hope my application will go through so I can give up the "day job". Im hoping to also convert the back of a garage - so sounds very similar to you. Thanking sooooo much :)
      ps email is
    3. maui
      hi Galsy,
      like lots of people on this forum, i was looking through the thread to start grooming business. i have a shed in the garden and was thinking of converting it to dog parlour. I am about to launch an enquiry with council about the shed conversion and wanted to ask you if you could send me your copy of planning enquiry (my email is How is your business going?
    4. angie0104
      Hi, been reading your post about planning application. Please could you send me a copy too, am in the process of completeing mine now & want to be sure I've not left anything out. My email is

      Many thanks x
    5. Anita15
      I really could do with a copy of your application xx
      Thanks Anita x
    6. Emsk123
      Can you send me a copy of your planning enquiry too? Thanks :)
    7. Anita15
      Thank you x
    8. Juke
      I have just recentley joined the forum and I am looking into starting a dog grooming business from my garage. I would be most grateful if you could send me copy of the enquiry for planning permission.

      Thank you for your time .

      Many thanks
      1. Ian Howie
        Ian Howie
        Hi gassy
        Could you please send me a copy of your planning permission enquiry. My email is
        This is for my wife who would like to start a business from our private garden
        Jun 23, 2016
    9. Kunoichi
      Hi, I am planning to start grooming from home and would really appreciate if you could email me a copy of your planning enquiry. My email address is
      You sound like you have put a lot of work into setting up your business and I wish you the best of luck! :)
    10. Mollly
      Hi, I have been looking at doing the same thing, would you mind sending me your planning enquiry as I dont think originally I put it across very well. email is and good luck
    11. Rosiesmum2010
      Hi Galsy, my email address is Many thanks again:)
    12. Susanmairi
      Hi. Woukd you mind emailing me a copy if your planning enquiry. Email is
      Would love to hear how things progress for you! I'm looking to set up in ny garage conversion but still to sort out training. Do you mind me asking what training you did?
      1. hattie67
        Hi I have just started a dog grooming business in my rear garden from a 10x14 workshop, in a bid to reduce hours from my NHS job. All going well until a letter arrived this morning from the local council re: planning permission - Neighbours who rent & haven't been here long I think as they have already said things recently. Can you send me a copy of your planning enquiry as well please. Many thanks.
        Aug 4, 2015
      2. Deb'sdogs
        Hi Galsy, please would you be so kind and forward me a copy of the planning request. I am new to the site. Getting made redundant in April from my current job after 13 years, now looking to follow my dream and become a dog groomer from home. My email address is
        Many thanks for your help. Debs
        Jan 12, 2016
      3. Mandy Allen
        Mandy Allen
        Hi could you please send me a copy of the planning application please my email many thanks
        Jan 28, 2016
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    work from home as groomer and love every much better than the 25yrs I spent chained to my desk for mind numbing office work