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Oct 13, 2011
Jan 23, 2010
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somewhere between Edinburgh & Glasgow
trainer in compassionate communication; training t

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PetForums Senior, from somewhere between Edinburgh & Glasgow

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Oct 13, 2011
    1. lauz_1982
      Thank you for taking the time out to write that reply - it made my eyes hurt reading it so I'm going to change that background! lol! I'm grateful for the advice and tips - it's going to be so hard to keep him down as he always wants up for cuddles - I'll literally have to put things on the sofas and sit on the floor with him! I'll be so emotional about my poor boy - going to hate it - well so will he! :(
    2. lauz_1982
      Hiya, I was just doing a search on neutering and what to expect afterwards and found a post you started about exercising Nunuk afterwards.

      Would you mind letting me know what to expect in terms of aftercare? What about movement - Mac is always moving - even when he sleeps he rolls all over the floors - how do I keep a rowdy BC as still as possible?! Do I have to keep him still? Will he have one of those cone collars? Stitches? Not sure what to expect really!

      Going to go see the vet about booking him in next week so if you would kindly let me know what to expect I can prepare some questions for the vet in advance? Thank you!

      Laura :)
    3. Bex190
      Hi, I've just posted on your thread. :)
    4. Marcia
      Thanks :) I love him to bits.
      I'll look at your gorgeous boy now :)
    5. Marcia
      Thanks for the add :)
      There are pics of Alfie under 'my gorgeous boy' on here :)
    6. leashedForLife
      huh! interesting - never got that one before.
      if another dog snorts while playing (even if not playing with him, just in the vicinity) see what he does, please? - i am very intrigued!
      entirely novel response, will U post it?
      thanks so much, this is fascinating stuff, :lol: behavior junkie ;)
      --- terry
    7. Fyfer
      I snorted at him -- he wasn't sure what was happening, but he totally perked up. His eyes got big, his head raised. He gave a little flick of his tail, but it was like an "I'm uncertain so I'll look cute in case it's trouble" vibe. So I tried a few more times while we were playing. He associates it with trouble... even done playfully during a good play session, he immediately quiets, stops, then goes to his bed. I tried it 3 times and after the first one, his behaviour was consistent. The snort means trouble. Not hide-under-the-bed trouble, but get-out-of-the-way trouble.
    8. leashedForLife
      even better! *snort at Him* in a playful manner, see what he -says- in reply.
      could be very interesting - as i will bet that Other Dogs have snorted at Nunuk. ;)
    9. leashedForLife
      yoo-hoo... Fyfer! :--)
      wanna do an experiment?
      Pet Forums Community - View Single Post - Why do dogs snort?
    10. Simbathecat

      Sorry this prob hasn’t been the most helpful for you! but I guess the main thing I'd say is that I got a good "vibe" from the class, she had 2-3 helpers and they were all using techniques and language I'd read about and this I found a comfort. I know someone earlier mentioned they were concerned that her classes were too big - there were about 10 dogs at this class but with seating for prob around 15 and it was mentioned that there were currently spaces available.

      Speak soon E
    11. Simbathecat
      Hi Fyfer

      So sorry for the delay, not been back on the site for a while - been pretty busy with the wee man but you'll know how that feels!

      I sat in on Lynn's puppy class last week (Earl is due to start next week). I didn’t get a chance to speak to her unfortunately as she had laryngitis ! and had someone else taking the class while she supervised. A lot of the techniques I already knew but purely from a socialisation point of view I think the class will be invaluable. You're at quite a bit more advanced stage with your training but I do know that Lynn does clicker training. She doesn’t have a website unfortunately but when I called found her to be helpful and informative. Her number is 0131 669 1108.

    12. Skyelacey
      Hi Fyfer, were great thanks. How about you both? how are you getting on? The book you sent me has been so much help, I'm going to pass it on next week after reading through it again lol.
    13. Simbathecat
      Hi Fyfer - I just wanted to let you know I'm going to sit in on Lynn the Dog Lady's puppy training class next week and I'll let you know what it's like. How are you getting on with training classes?
    14. HighlandQuine
      You're welcome! I totally agree with you. I don't what's wrong with trainers up here, they're stuck in the dark ages!
    15. lauz_1982
      Awww Nunuk is very cute! :)
    16. Skyelacey
      Hey Fyfer,got the book today :D Thankyou so much. I'll pass it on as soon as i'm done :D
    17. Skyelacey
      Hey thats great thanks so much Fyfer :D
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    somewhere between Edinburgh & Glasgow
    trainer in compassionate communication; training t
    40-something professional living in Scotland

    Buddhism, meditation, inter-faith activities, reading, learning, taichi, qigong....


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