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Sep 5, 2013
Nov 29, 2010
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PetForums Senior, from Plymouth

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Sep 5, 2013
    1. zoelowery
      Okay so.. this is a lil strange but, do you remember meecatz or hollysmummy? They had that huge argument with Waterlily or whatever. Yeah... I'm cringing reading all those posts but yes that was me. I'm Zoe and I'm 13 now and you were all saying how you thought it was me arguing with myself, the answer? No, I'm not sure who Waterlily is because my best friend Ingrid (still is my best friend) was Ingrid25 and so I'm not too sure who that is but yeah, mystery solved I guess? Anyway, I was weird and do you know why I was banned and all? I totally forgot since it's been about 3 years. Thank you :)
    2. Kiwi
      Might not help but I'm not joking - I am itchy too! It is the time of year and my skin is incredibly dry. My pup also has dandruff and is scratching (not fleas) and I think any skin condition is going to be worse because of the weather. External moisturising treatment for dogs (Aloe Vera perhaps?) might be a useful soother. Either way, you could be blaming yourself for a condition that is not caused by food type alone (?) Just a thought. Take good care and remember that the wheel turns. 'Hope your lottery numbers come up soon ;) xx
    3. Kiwi
      Hope things pick up for you soon but don't beat yourself up about Maddie's diet. I'm sure she'll adapt well to whatever food you switch to. Love is by far and away the most important & you have that in abundance x
    4. newfiesmum
      Thanks for the rep. This person is getting on my nerves to be honest, and the attitude is appalling!
    5. metaldog
      Apparently I need to spread my rep around a bit more so I can't rep you again in the same thread but good call that it's not about proving a point :) I am your number one fan tonight ;)
    6. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      You cant manage to keep it bit all the time I know
    7. sammieanne111
      Hi saw your post and thought I would have a nose. Lovely photo of your Gang. Going to take a photo of the ferrets belly in a min... xxxx
    8. Dogless
      Don't be sorry I am excited to get mine through the post!!! x
    9. Dogless
      Well.....all will be revealed at Christmas time.....if you really want to know I can confirm or deny via PM but wouldn't you rather wait until we all find out? xx
    10. Dogless
      I couldn't possibly say, new friend!! x
    11. Clare7435
      Thanks for the rep, they're dogs worth standing up for, My Dad has a staf puppy and he's just joined the pet forum ..:)
    12. xshelly_stanliex
      He deffinantly is, and it is great too see them backing the breed. nothing wrong with the dogs just the other end of the leash. x
    13. xshelly_stanliex
      Some people seriously need a good slap too knock some sense into them, what an ignorant arse grrrrrrrrrr. x
    14. Bandy
      Aww, ya seem a doll.

      Hope to see plenty of ya on the boards.
    15. GoldenShadow
      Not great but not too bad thanks, she's having a blood transfusion tomorrow I think :) Thanks for asking x
    16. tinamary
      I think i got my wires crossed as to where you were going. I thought you meant Mt Edgecombe but when i read the posts back you actually said Mt batten. I feel daft now. lol
    17. tinamary
      I would love too. My OH is self employed and keeps telling me its his busiest time and he can not have any time off. Truth is he would not like to leave Tilly and my sis in law is alergic to her. We have far too many animals to go away for long anyway.
    18. tinamary
      I live in Warrington. My family are down there. My other brother has a solicitors office in Plympton and my sister lives in Prince rock.
      Ive lived up here since my mum and dad divorced.
    19. tinamary
      My brother lives there. He looks after the big house. Oh i wish i was there today.
    20. tinamary
      Whats the weather like way down there in my home town. lol
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