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Aug 1, 2011
Jan 18, 2010
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Sunny old Scotland :)
Next - Sales Assistant

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PetForums VIP, from Sunny old Scotland :)

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Aug 1, 2011
    1. ljwc
      Hello stranger! Hope you don't mind me just popping in like this. We were watching Crufts and it dawned on us that you might be there. I see your Newfy family has expanded a bit! They are all looking fab. Bails is doing great. We had a 3rd birthday party for him a few weeks ago. He had a great time. It would be lovely to catchup some time. I'm not on here very much. On Facebook more. Bailey's got his own Dogbook too. Best wishes to you, your Mum and the pets Lx
    2. shetlandlover
      We miss you in the pedigree exposed thread. :Pxx
    3. Malmum
      Sirens do it for this lot, even when out Flynn stops dead in his tracks if he hears a siren. The two boys are much more vocal then Kali but Flynn starts immediately he hears one. Have yet to see him do it in the street when walking, I always try and distract him as it might seem a bit weird. Bet people would think he's a wolf for sure, especially as at the mo he's a bit of a scruff and looks more like one than usual, lol.
    4. Malmum
      Lovely dogs IMO, love their howls too - when one starts they all go off - even my neighbours love to hear their howls. Other than that they are realy quite quiet. Flynn has made me smitten by the reds though but Marty is so very handsome and has a wonderful persona, Bruce is his boss and he follows him everywhere, best mates they've always been - bless 'em!
    5. Malmum
      My two were bought as presents, so not my doing but Matry is strong as an ox and a lovely solid boy, Kali is a bit delicate and Flynn - well, he's a right mish mash but to me he's the best one. Have seen that Kali's breeder is always advertisng pups so a def byb. Ah well, we love them just the same and at least they all have a lovely, loving home.
    6. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep, just saying what I think is right and i've only myself to blame for Flynn - well the ex OH actually but still!
    7. shetlandlover
      Thank you for the rep. You have stunning dogs. :) xx
    8. Malmum
      Flynn was the result of an accidental mating when I was in hospital and wasn't told. Since divorced the "sitter" and I love Flynn more than life itself, so the op was a major decision but he may not have had amny years without it. He sailed through it, so amazingly did I, so here's to the next one and a Mallie that eventually will be able to run like he should - lets hope i'm fit enough to keep up, lol! I think Flynn is so special because he was born here and chose me, the other pups didn't, bet he knew he'd have a problem and i'd deal with it - sixth sense! All the other pups (7) have good hips - thank God!
    9. Malmum
      Flynny will take on any dog IN THE CAR but meet one face to face and he's "ah, hello" lol. He sounds ferocious but he's a darling really. Going to a Mally meet in the summer when he's all recovered from his second op to see just how dog friednly he is. Bet he'll show me right up, lol!
    10. Malmum
      I'm biased towards the boys you see, love male dogs and don't be fooled by Kali's sweet face - a wolf in sheeps clothing she is - she's started many a fight with Marty and doesn't care that she's 20kgs smaller - she's a right bruiser, lol!
    11. Malmum
      They always shed at the most inconvenient time don't they? Good luck at Crufts - lets know how he does, he looks gorgeous!
    12. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep - Flynn looks a bit sad that he's losing his manly look and looking like a skinny lad again, lol!
    13. luvmydogs
      Thanks for the rep. Its true he should have researched BEFORE, but I didn't want him to think I was having a go at him. :)
    14. katie200
      yep family lol lets hope they get over it lol you can join my book club site if you want let me know ill send you the link lol jessie our labs been being a bit of a pest this morning my cat got the frount door open then jessie ran after him licky he rean her in a garden so i could get her lol
    15. katie200
      well ive been starting my own online book club and trying to keep my sister from hurting eachouth on my mum birthday yesturday but it went rong lol how are your pets
    16. kazschow
      We're going to be isolated lol, we bought a derelict farm at auction a while back. It's between beith and dalry in north ayrshire... need to sell this place to put up the new house, as we've demolished the old one hehehe We've got room for a dog paddock you're all welcome to come for a runa round when we're eventually down there!!! ;)
    17. kazschow
      heheheee PF pals lol Where abouts in GLasgow are you? I'm near kelvin bridge, but selling at the mo, so hopefully I'll have moved out of glasgow by summer ;)
    18. katie200
      im good thanks what you been doing
    19. katie200
      hi how are you
    20. metame
      ty for the rep
      hope you are ok
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    Sunny old Scotland :)
    Next - Sales Assistant
    Thought I would change this seeing as my mum doesn't really use it, it's mine lol! She's not very down with the computers :$!

    I'm Nicole, i'm 17 - be 18 in February :)! I stay in Glasgow with my mum and our furry family! We have three Newfoundlands (Barney, Bronson and Blue), an Alaskan Malamute (Hudson), a ginger tom cat (Oscar), two degus (Chip and Dale) and a guinea pig (Ben). They are a very much loved part of the family :)! I also spend quite alot of time at my boyfriend's house - not to much though would miss the monsters otherwise :p. I currently work in Next in the menswear department, although I hope to go to university or college in August/September. Already been on PF for a while now and absolutely love it! x

    Me and my mum show Hudson and Barney and hopefully Blue soon, at championship and open dog shows up and down the country. I also enjoy doing obedience with my boys! I love reading, music, going out for a night on the town!, playing a game that i'm actually good at on the ps3, going for long walks, shopping when I have alot of money to spend!, going for little meals in cafes or pizza hut!, snuggly days in bed, summer and spring, when i manage to be on time!, feeling all clean after a shower or bath, food :$! facebook! the feeling you get once you've cleaned up everywhere and it all looks and smells pretty! and lots more :D! xxx


    What's coming will come and we will meet it when it does.
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