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Dec 19, 2014
Jul 22, 2008
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East Sussex

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PetForums Senior, from East Sussex

fun4fido was last seen:
Dec 19, 2014
    1. louise5031
      Just seen your pic comment! They are so sweet when they do that! I think my bf went with the old reliable "whats this?!" to get the pic! x
    2. louise5031
      Hehe no probs he's a cutie. Thanks for the help with the walking-to-heel thing last night. I did two training sessions with him today using that technique. First was with no distractions, second I took him to a field in the park with another lady training the other side, and people passing us all the time. It is hard work but you were right, he followed when I turned, no pulling. I keep saying "heel" clearly as he returns to that position, is that the right time to say it?
    3. Mrsbirnie
      Hi...It's going OK...we were close by a JRT...and then a collie....and a yorkie the other day and she behaved...1 or 2 grumbles but huge improvement on before. It's a lot easier when the other dog is on a lead, she's not good when other dogs come running up at her though, but only so much I can do on my end with her so I just keep her moving away from the dog/situation.

      I had her at the vet on Friday for her boosters, she has quite a fear of the vets as she has had a lot of health issues over the last year and half, so she is always incredibly nervous, and barky/growly if other dogs are there, and as usual she started up on Friday, but for a change the dog (a Spaniel) barked back at her...she shut up immediatly LOL...she's not used to dogs barking back at her LOL!! :D
    4. Mrsbirnie
      Hi :)

      In reply to your comments on my pics...

      "Jinnie seems quite chilled for a sporting, the ones I've trained have been nicknamed Duracell"

      Oh she has her mad running about like a lunatic moments, I worked hard from the start with her to be calm and not be overzealous with the cats as we had them 1st, and my oldest one being 12 years old, so I trained her to not go up the stairs (she understood from about 10 weeks old, was impressed with her, of course the toilet training and other things took a lot longer) so they (cats) have an area to retreat to if her boisterous behavior gets too much (although you will notice that's her on my bed in one of the pics, I let her up from times to time, but she knows she's only allowed up when I call her up). She's a good girl with them 95% of the time, she doesn't like them touching her toys or her chews, and will give a warning growl, which of course they ignore, stubborn cats, but she has never gone to hurt them, just gobby, but oddly she is fine with them sleeping in her bed! Go figure LOL!

      Harley looks soooo cute in that pic!!

    5. Mrsbirnie
      Thanks for the advice with my dog Jinnie. :) x
    6. Swish
      Haha, loved the comments, Holly snores with appreciation. Noisy thing.
    7. Swish
      It's because I spelt Weimararner wrong, isn't it? lol
    8. Swish
      Ah, good old Weimareners, beautiful dogs which hold a name I can never spell, lol! Gotta love the eyes on that breed, just as good as those icy blue husky eyes. Thanks for the comments, hope to learn some tricks of the trade from you along the way here! :)
    9. JANICE199
      thankyou so much for your lovely comments about my pictures.believe it or not, i think i'm terrible at taking photos,but never the less i do love taking pictures of wales.
    10. JANICE199
      thankyou for the friendship request..
    11. Sgurr
      Hi, thank you for your visitor message and friendship request. It will take me a while to sort out an avatar etc as at the moment I'm trying to get my website updated. I've not got to grips yet with the complexities of this forum but happy to be in contact with you.
    12. fun4fido
      lol, yeah i think what he was trying to say was throw the damn frisbee already :-D
    13. momentofmadness
      how cute is that piccie He looks like he is going to say something..
    14. raindog
      Hi, I see you are living in Limassol. I had a brilliant holiday there about 20 years ago - really loved Cyprus.

    15. mrsdusty
      Thank you for your friendship request!!!
    16. fun4fido
      Yep Jem! Harley is most definitely a weim :)
    17. Jem
      Thank you very much hun but as the saying goes looks can be deceiving lol.
      Is harley a weim? x
    18. gillieworm
      Hi Angela, just been having a nosey at your blog :D It is very good and I have learnt something from reading it! Are you a dog trainer?
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    Home Page:
    East Sussex

    I was a Brit living in Cyprus but made the decision to move back to the UK last December, hence I've been very busy with settling back in and re-establishing my business, so I have not had time to hang out at petforums.

    All that's about to change now and I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with you guys on here.

    Dogs, cats, outdoors, agility, field work, writing, training, health, cycling, jogging, cooking, reading, movies, internet, plus much more...



    twitter me...


    "Properly trained, a man can be a dog's best friend."
    Corey Ford

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