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Jun 28, 2008
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February 27
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PetForums VIP, from Staffordshire

    1. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Sorry lovey, didn't 'like' your post about consent forms because you lost your dogs, just 'liking' the consent form part. Sorry for your loss xxxx
    2. DKDREAM
      Many thanks for that it seems you are right, she was a KC assured breeder too! I thought his colour was too nice to be true.
    3. DKDREAM
      she said he was a very very light silver and that she hadn't seen his colouring before.
    4. DKDREAM
    5. DKDREAM
      im after your brains, I saw a whippet and fell in love with him, I don't know what colour he is I rang he is sold :( gutted
    6. DKDREAM
      Hi Are you about?
    7. DKDREAM
      She sounds beautiful what will she be named do you know yet?
    8. DKDREAM
      awww what colour is the new baby? I am so happy with Blaze's teeth too as I have managed to get rid of the bit plaque he had. He loved it today on the walk, he loves you to throw a ball for him, then he will chase it and retrieve he loves that game so much, his only fault sometimes is he runs that fast and forgets to stop and hits your leg, (Not often) but I always have to remind the silly lad lol
    9. Freyja
      I remember you sent me some photos a while ago asking about his weight as you thought he was a little fat he looks to have dropped that little bit he was carring and looks fine now.
    10. DKDREAM
      well I was wanting your opinion on that as I am always worried I let him get too fat. I feed him Alpha Maintenance and Nature diet.
    11. DKDREAM
    12. Lauradyck
      Hi my name is Laura dyck, I just joined this pet forums group and this may seem strange, but as I was looking up radial nerve paralysis I came across your post of your beloved dog William, who was hit by a car and had this, and made a full recovery..
      I'm very sorry to hear you lost him to bloat :(.. I just had a previous dog die from being hit by a car about 2 months ago.
      Unfortunately I have anther shar pei who was hit this past Friday and has radial nerve paralysis , same as William, with no feeling at all in his paw, but feeling in his other paws. I am wondering if you could please give me anymore tips and ideas to help my baby. I was so optimistic after reading your post and am massaging him every 2 hours for 10 mins, if you could please get back to me I would appreciate that so much. Any help is amazing and it's nice to be able to talk to someone who has dealt with this before. I'm completely heart broken and want to do everything I can for my poor baby.
      Thank you so much..
    13. Freyja
      True but you could always use a normal sewing tape measure they'll be waiting for ever for some results as they'll be forever replacing the tapes for some people. Even at 7 Zoe still chews anything whetehr it is edible or not.
    14. BessieDog
      I think I'll put her on the grooming table. At least she can't wriggle too much then. I'm on an Irish setter lovers Facebook group, and the convo on there is all about getting them to be measured. And that perhaps the offer of other tapes is for when the first one gets torn and chewed! :0)
    15. BessieDog
      Yes - I received the survey. Just got to try to get Bess to stand still for the tape measure - which she thinks is a torture instrument! :rolleyes:
    16. Pinktoxicalien
      Hello! We are in Blythe Bridge, how about you?
    17. DKDREAM
      awww i'm sorry to hear that :( I love whippets I don't know what I will do when Blazey boy goes
    18. DKDREAM
    19. DKDREAM
      Our paps are enjoying their walks but they too got tired/panting
    20. DKDREAM
      Thanks for that, I can see three nobs on his back, I will put him on a slight diet then, I can feel his ribs but not see them, he is such a lovely boy, i can't believe he is nearly 7
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    February 27
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