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Jan 26, 2016
Dec 8, 2012
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November 7
Newcastle / Nicky's phone <3

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PetForums VIP, from Newcastle / Nicky's phone <3

Nicky <3 May 29, 2015

Flamingoes was last seen:
Jan 26, 2016
    1. myshkin
      Hey, sorry I never replied, was laying low....nice to know I was missed xxx
    2. Sleeping_Lion
      Lol, have been at a friend's house, feeling better this afternoon now, ta hen!! How's you? xx
    3. Sleeping_Lion
      Stinky, stinky farts, bum tits and all that lot :D

      That feels better!
    4. westie~ma
      Thank you for the rep, just noticed xxx
    5. 5headh
      Where the freak are you?!
    6. ad_1980
      Yes i think thats why we opted for the toy poodle when we were pondering on what to get my mum 5 years back. She's always said she wanted a Pomeranian we didnt think the pomeranian would be the right dog for us...not 100% sure why because my sister, who did most of the research at the time, said they would be hard for me to manage grooming wise - at the moment I am the only one living at home with the parents so its pretty much me being responsible for the dog - so we just wanted something that I could cope with and we also wanted a dog that i could also play with. Our past dogs weren't very easy for me to muck about with, size wise.

      But back to pomeranians they are amazingly lovely cute dogs, from what i've read and seen on tv...i just wish I knew someone who owned one so i could really see one. Ok so I saw a couple at Crufts but i didn't like actually hold one or talk to someone who had one.
    7. Chillicat
      Yes it was because you were brave enough to own up to your mistakes, not many people will do that. xx
    8. Summersky
      Oh but it was. It takes courage to apologise. :) Don't sell yourself short. I never give rep lightly.
    9. Picklelily
      Not everyone has the courage to say sorry and certainly not as nicely as you did. x
    10. Sterling
      I guess Im just a forever lurker. I rarely have much to say. But I do love to read what others have to say. :)
    11. noushka05
      aw sorry Em :o, but we have to be informed about this so we can all tell them to FRACK OFF:thumbsup:
    12. lymorelynn
      Hello sweetheart :) I'm doing fine, thanks for asking :) Waiting for my pregnant girl to have her kittens - due next week - and worrying because she had to have a caesarian last time but other than that it's all good here :)
      I've gone back to work because I can't get my pension for another 4 years - turned 60 last year but the government changed the age and I have to wait longer :mad: I only do three mornings a week in a little card and gift shop but it means I'm not on here as much :(
      Hope you are okay :)
    13. noushka05
      Blimey you have been having it rough, I really am sorry to hear this Em, it must have been terrifying - hope things are going okay for you now and nothing like that happens again.

      Ive popped the gasland video on, but i'll warn you its pretty long, so ive also also added a couple of links for you to compare the environmental impact between wind power and fracking. Take good care of yourself Em xxx


      European Commission fails to introduce legally binding fracking regulations ? report ? RT News

      Gasland > Gasland (2010) - YouTube
    14. moggiemum
      i loveeeeeeeeee your new avatar , he is so scrummy xxxyep they are doing great now i thought ankhie was being a bit rough in play but susie has proper sorted him out and he a lot more gentle now xxxxxx
    15. Sterling
      Love ya post ....but....what's a re-lurk, love?
    16. Valanita
      Visitors gone. Of to watch Nashville now, Flams.
      PS I love the pink, just the right shade too. :-)
    17. DirtyGertie
      Aww no, I wont change it :).

      Do you think I've got a broken Bichon :confused: she is a wimp when it comes to strangers and big dogs she doesn't know, although she will tell a persistent dog off when she's had enough of them and they wont leave her alone.
    18. DirtyGertie
      I know who you and the lovely Bumble are :). Well Bumble certainly has good taste and I have to agree with him that Bichons are the best :thumbup:. Poppy would love him, she's always happy to meet small dogs. I've got Crufts on the TV at the moment but I think I'll have to go and find one of my posts and get my fix of the sniffy snout :lol:. xx
    19. DirtyGertie
      Sorry sweetie :o. It's so apt though, I'm sure Poppy's nose gets more exercise than anything else. Our walks tend to take quite a while as everything has to be sniffed - sniff sniff, sniff sniff, sniff sniff :lol:.
    20. Valanita
      That really made me chuckle Flams. I shouldn't be on here we have visitors & supper yet to eat, but, a quick look around before I go. :-)
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    November 7
    Newcastle / Nicky's phone <3


    Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another; 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.' - C. S. Lewis


    'Cornered, the boy kicked out at the world...the world kicked back, a lot ******* harder' - Pete Doherty

    'Ohhh you're so clever....but clever aint wise' - Pete Doherty

    '7 out of 9 statistics are incorrect' - Some Guy On The Radio
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