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Jul 21, 2013
Sep 5, 2008
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Jul 21, 2013
    1. pammy2806
      hi there, yes your dog is lovley, i have 7 yorkies altogether i love them all to bits they are my world, angel is the biewer yorkshire terrier, she is very special, cost me alot of money for her. i am going to show her when she gets older. nice to chat isnt it about our dogs.
    2. pammy2806
      hi there how many dogs you got that one is nice in your picture, i do have one that looks like it.
    3. pammy2806
      hello thank you for getting back to me, i have put some pictures of my baby angel in the members galleries, hope you like her pam.
    4. pammy2806
      hello, i am new to this site and i am looking for people to chat to about the yorkies, i have kept them for over 28 years, i have put a new news report on the site so the public can see my new baby biewer yorkshire terrier the first one to be born in the uk, it will be nice to hear from you, thank you.
    5. finoni9
      Hi Pamela - it must have been so sad when your dog got so "old" - Rocky's bark, on the 3 or 4 occasions he has barked, is very deep too!! He does like to growl tho - he's good tho, he was growling one night a few weeks ago and I went out of the living room to see what was up and my little one had woken up crying, we hadn't heard her but Rocky had!
    6. Pamela
      Hi I see you say that Rocky doesn't bark, our last Yorkie didn't bark until she was about 15 years old and was deaf. She had that throat problem that some have where its too narrow and she used to choke alot. She went deaf, almost blind and her brain got very confused she would get lost behind doors.
      Holly rarely barks but its not a yappy bark its quite deep. She would rather growl.
    7. temmy
      Hiya if you get a chance thought you may like to check out my new site..xx

    9. loopylou01
      hello nice to find another yorkie lover Rocky is cute, must be quite grown up now. My Charlie is 4 months now, he is very good, sleeps in the front room at night with no trouble. Trying to get him used to be alone in house when I pop out . here him barking slightly. think he calms down after a while.
    10. Katie&Cody
      Lol!! When you replied i thought u were talking about your dog *Doh!! Lol!!*
      Thank you for the comment on my cats...sadly i only have the one left now who is kept as an indoor cat since his brother died about 3 months ago. I believe he was hit by a car. So sorry to hear about your cat being killed.
      Rocky is just adaorable...xxxx
    13. Katie&Cody
      Hey hun...
      Ur post in the teenagers thread made me giggle thought it required a look of your profile...and what a cute boy i found there...how old is he know...he's adorable! xx
    14. davidinwestldn
    15. davidinwestldn
      i need help lol. could u please tell me what breed u think my puppy is?
    16. misyy44*123
      hi i saw your cute photo of your yorkie and it reminded me so much of my little snoopy i have a pic of him just like that rocky is so cute i love yorkies that much i have two i would have ten if i could but i have had to move back to my parents recently and they are cat people so have enough to deal with two ha ha
    17. finoni9
      Hiya - getting a hang of this forum............. Rocky is 9 weeks old and we got him 10 days ago - Rocky has had LOADS of baths cause he's had a bit of a sticky poo problem!

      He's doing Ok with the toilet training............. he goes pee almost every time we take him our - we're using an old sandpit with gravel in it - with poo, we just have to watch for him sniffing around and take him out quickly!!

      He whined a lot when we put him in his crate but we found getting a smaller crate really helped and he will stay in quite happily even when not sleeping, altho when in hyper mood eg at 7 in the morning he still whines to get out. We tried to get him to sleep in the living room but he just whined and whined - we spent ages on internet to find a resolution and found a lot of people keep their pups in their bedroom for the first week or so til they get used to being away from mum and it worked for us!

      Saturday night he slept 6 hrs straight and I had to wake him up to go toilet!!

      He is sleeping most nights from about 10-6 and wakes up a couple of times of the toilet - when he gets to 6 he thinks it's wake up time but we have been ignoring him and he has been going back to sleep til we get up at 7, so not too bad!

      What about lexie? Is she sleeping, eating OK?
    18. Lexie
      hello just saw your thread about your new puppy, i got a yorkie puppy last saturday and she is so cute she is 9 weeks old today and she had her first bath ahh,
      how are you getting on with house training, lexie has a few accidents!
      Tracy x
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    Proud owner of Rocky the Yorkie, born July 2008, who came to live with us at 8 weeks old :)
    Ellie the Yorkie, born February 2012, who came to live with us at almost 8 weeks :)
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