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Nov 19, 2016
Aug 1, 2013
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Nov 19, 2016
    1. kenny10
      Hi, just got your message, I don't go on as often now. This must be bloody awful for you and all the family. It seems one thing after another. The reason Fitch's heart problem was found was when he collapsing quicker than normal,, the vet looked at his heart straight away so I suppose we were quite lucky that his leaky valves were detected quite quickly. Are you confident with your vet?? Would it be worth paying for a consultation with another vet. Don't know where you go with so many issues, surely he can't have so many issues, is the vet confident with his own diagnosis. I know you have spoke to SpringerPete before, it may be worth chatting with him, he's always been so good with his advise. Keep in touch. Carolyn xx
    2. Finnboy
      Good morning!
      Just remembered to look on here again lol! How are you and Lola doing?
      We have been using a whistle in the house and getting the girls to randomly blow it and give him a massive hug and a treat when he comes back.....at first he only came back to it out on walks when there was no-one around but he's so greedy he has been coming back 100% of the time even with other dogs around so I think we are making progress there.....still have a jumping up on people problem but we just constantly correct that and hope he'll grow out of it.
      He's growing into a gorgeous dog and loves the girls. How is Lola doing? What did you do about the food growling? I decided not to hassle him at all with meals but work on preventing growling with chews and toys as I figured the girls are more likely to be around those.....he seems to be fine now and will give them up without a fuss if the incentive is right. See you later! X
    3. LolaPup2013
      Hi there Finnboy, I guessed you perhaps did not thee message or notice this part of the forum - i didnt for a long time. Thats great news, i think food has more to do with a dogs behavior than i ever thought. We feed lola Wainwrights large breed puppy food. Im also surprised some of the "experts" didnt suggest this.
      Lola is doing good, however she had a minor incident the other day at my parents house,Lola was running around jumping into the different areas and next min let out an ear piercing whine and i noticed she had her front leg literally stuck on a nail, it was right through the skin. Luckily was a surface wound.
      SOO happy to hear i dont have the only lab who is super reactive to people and dogs. would think Lola had never seen another human or dog before hahaaa. Shes good if i have a treat in the pocket and isnt always too bad but likes to have a good pull at beginning of the walk.
      Glad Finn is growing up and settling in though....and your getting some more sleep :)
    4. LolaPup2013
      Hi there, Thought i would send you a friend request since we seem VERY much in the same boat. Lab puppies, Newbies and children all at once - are we mad? lol I also wanted to pick your brain, how did u or are you managing Finns walks on a lead? Is he good/pull/let him off the lead? Weve only taken lola out for proper walks 3/4 times and its not been terrible but defo a puller so far :( lol x
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