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Oct 21, 2011
Sep 2, 2009
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January 20
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Jacksonville, Florida
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PetForums Senior, from Jacksonville, Florida

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Oct 21, 2011
    1. oldmateadz
      Hi I just read up on your vestibular disease post (after reading 50 others via Google) and had a few questions.
      My dog was diagnosed with idiopathic vestibular, and was told she would make improvements after 3 days, which she did. She was doing wonderfully up until day 8 (being today, 12:30pm) and she seemed to have another attack, which wasn't anywhere near as bad as the first one. I spent a few hours with her and she seemed to come good again, apart from being a little wobbly on her feet. And just a few hours ago (still in day 8, 11pm) she had another minor attack. I was just wondering if this is normal on the road to recovery for idiopathic vestibular, or do you think there could be an underlying issue?

      Thanks for you time.
    2. FEWill
      Hi Haeveymolly and paddyjulie,

      Thanks --I love pets and love to research about them--may not always be 100% correct--but trying

      Thanks, Frank
    3. haeveymolly
      These threads are very usefull, ive read the d.c.m one and today the congestive heart failure and ive replied, ime curious though why they dont get many posts. or maybe members are reading and just using them as information, hope they are remembered as they are very important and informative. Thankyou.
    4. paddyjulie
      thanks for all your threads i find them to be very informative and helpful..keep them coming :-)
    5. bevstretton
      How are things with yourselves
      Still keeping busy?
    6. leashedForLife
      caption 35 - lets laugh! - Pet Forums Community :D
    7. waterlilyold
    8. waterlilyold
    9. waterlilyold
      Thanks for your information about pet illnesses. You are to be commended and to echo Zany Toon welcome to the forum :)
    10. zany_toon
      Was just reading about you in your bio! Sounds like you have really had a busy life what with your MBA and the rescue dog. WEll done, and welcome to the forum!
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    January 20
    Home Page:
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Regional Manager
    I am an avid lover of pets and my wife and I have had several pets throughout our years. We are especially fond of dogs, and we have a 15 year old Dalmatian (our 3rd) and a "mutt" that we rescued when someone threw him away to die in a vacant field.

    He found us, nearly starved to death, and weighed about 2 pounds.

    After severe bouts of mange and severe dehydration, and over 1,000.00 in veterinarian bills, we saved the little guys life, and he is one of the best, if not the best, dogs we have ever had and today is a muscular, fit, and firm 70 pound best friend.

    After finishing my MBA, which at middle age was not easy, I decided to keep the research work ethics that I acquired, and devote about two hours each night in understanding the health benefits of supplementation for both humans and pets and how they might strengthen our, as well as our pets, immune system in a pre-emptive approach to health rather than a reactionary approach.

    Both of my daughters are avid cat lovers,

    Writing articles about pets
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