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feathered bird lover
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Sep 26, 2016
May 23, 2011
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February 11

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feathered bird lover

PetForums VIP, from britain

feathered bird lover was last seen:
Sep 26, 2016
    1. katie200
      Hi Feathered Bird Lover.

      How are you and Max? How are you finding the new site?

      I hope you're well..

      Take care.
    2. katie200
      Hi Feathered Bird Lover.

      Great news that your niece and her dogs are doing well now and enjoying her new place and job...

      Awww bless him.. I'm glad he's been enjoying some sunshine. So has Jessie she loves the sun... He sounds like a strong dog with a big heart, I'm sure you'll have many amazing years with him. :) How have you been?

      I hope you're having a lovely weekend...

      Take care..

    3. katie200
      Hi Feathered Bird Lover.

      Wow that sounds like your niece had quite a Easter week..... I'm glad her and her dogs got out of the flat safely.. How scary that must of been for you all (((hugs))) It's good that she has a flat and Job now, hopefully things will feel better for her. She's lucky to have you there to help her get sorted...

      I'm glad Max is still getting better and getting longer walks.. He's a cutie.. I'm sure you'll have him in your life a long time, he's a strong dog.. :)

      I'm alright thanks, Smokey, Holly and Jessie have been enjoying the sunshine we've had the last few days...

      I hope you're well and have a lovely weekend..

      Take care
    4. katie200
      Hi feathered Bird Lover.

      How are you and Max? I hope you're both well.

      Take care.
    5. Roger Downes
      Roger Downes
      Thank you f.b.l :)
    6. alan g a
      alan g a
      Hi there. It's nice to know that Max is on the mend. It is always worrying when a beloved pet is unwell, but it is great to see them recover and became themselves again.
      We are all well here. The cats are as daft as ever and the tiels are getting amorous again but I have decided to let them rest this year.
      Nice to hear from you. TTFN. x
    7. katie200
      Hi Feathered Bird Lover.

      Thanks Hun.... Finding Destiny has been such fun to write for me. :)

      I'm glad having a garden is great and Max is loving it too... Fantastic news that the vets is happy with how Max is doing... I'm really glad he's doing well...

      Best of luck growing Veg and herbs, you'll have to let me know how you get on with it Hun...

      I hope you're having a lovely Thursday..

      Take care.

      Katie200, Holly, Smokey and Jessie...
    8. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep. x
    9. katie200
      Hi Feathered Bird Lover.

      Thanks Hun for the birthday and e-book wishes.. I love paper back books too..
      Finding Destiny is about a lad called Alex who one night goes to find his sister's pony, he finds himself drinking a blue drink that changes his whole life forever. Now he has to get to know the world around him and take on the responsibilities that has been thrust upon his shoulders to save the people he loves.

      Aww that's sweet that your sister was named after your mother and aunt..:) It's a wonderful name.. Imogen is my middle sister's baby and Roseanna is my little sister's baby..

      I'm glad you're enjoying your new home.. I bet it was hard moving and Max getting unwell... That's lovely having your own garden.. It's nice to have a garden to plant thing in and I bet Max loves it too... :)

      Jessie loves the back garden, she loves to run about and chase balls..:)
    10. danielled
      I will. We don't know what this is.
    11. katie200
      Hi Feathered Bird Lover.

      Thank-you Hun, thanks for the photo comments I only just saw them...I'm glad to hear Max is doing well and putting on weight... It's great to know he's back to his normal-self. It's great that he can go on 20 min walks, it sounds like they helped him I hope he keep getting loads better.. :) How are you Hun?

      I'm alright Hun, it's been a good few week.. My ebook got released and it was my birthday yesterday :yikes: Smokey and Holly are their great-selves... Holly is watching me type and Smokey is following Jessie around the house.. He loves her a lot, but she wasn't to happy with him the other night when he hid in a box and jumped out at her.. She looked at him like you made me jump.. :laugh:

      How has your week been?
    12. danielled
      Pets are fine. I have a rash that I'm covered in. Geen to the doctors with it but don't think it is eczema like they said it is.
    13. danielled
      He is my best friend.
    14. danielled
      Found it. Things are good with me and Buddy thank you.
    15. katie200
      Hi Feathered Bird Lover.

      Happy New Year and Welcome back, it's lovely to hear from you.. How are you and Max?

      I'm not too bad thanks, Smokey, Holly and Jessie are their little hyper self.. :)

      I will go and read your thread hun.

      I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

      Take care.

    16. danielled
      Welcome back. I'll go and have a look.
    17. alan g a
      alan g a
      Sorry to cut my last message a bit short. Something cropped up in the middle of typing that couldn't wait. I hope that I find you all well, especially poor max. I hope gets better soon. TTFN
    18. alan g a
      alan g a
      Hi. Nice to hear from you again. Poor old Max. I really hope that he gets over his traumatic experience. You clearly love him to bits and neither you nor him desrve this. We have come to terms with loss of Neo now, but she will always be with us in our hearts and memories.
      The tiels are all fine. 2 of the babys have been sold but they won't be leaving us until early summer. TTFN
    19. ridgeback05
      I know it has been a long time since you messaged me about your ridgeback...hope he is ok....and the ridge is visible from birth so looks like you have been sold a ridgeless you should have only been charged rearing cost for this pup....
    20. alan g a
      alan g a
      Hi. Sorry I haven't spoken to you for a while, I have been busy with my birds. The are all doing well and are turning out just great.
      I'm sorry but I have bring you some bad news. Neo passed away last night. We were both with her by her side right to the end. We have a lot of fond memories of her and she will be greatly missed. I won't worry you with the details but I have posted her passing as a memorial to her on rainbow bridge.
      As you can imagine, life here is temporally in a termoil, but life goes on as they say.
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  • About

    February 11
    i love all my family and pets.
    i am an animal lover no matter what their type, also like to help people when i can.

    all our family, our pointy boy, walking, reading, listening to varied types of music, watching dvd's.


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