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Sep 13, 2021
Dec 8, 2010
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June 8
Design engineer

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Dad to Puss and Shadow, Male

Dad to Puss and Shadow Jul 16, 2015

Etienne was last seen:
Sep 13, 2021
    1. Etienne
      Dad to Puss and Shadow
    2. buffie
      Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by.
      Not sure what is going on with Mr M he hasn't been right since Wednesday,took him to the vet on Friday as he wasn't improving,vet couldn't find anything wrong so we put it down to a flare up of his IBD.No meds given as Meeko and meds don't get on very well but he is still not improving so looks like it either more than just a flare up or it is something else entirely.
      So unless there is a vast improvement tomorrow its back to the vets again :(

      Glad your 2 are doing well,hope you and your father are also keeping well .
      The forum just doesn't seem the same anymore,hardly any of the old,regular posters around
    3. Dumpling
      Thank you for the rep :)
    4. Torin.
      Belated thanks for the rep - only just worked out what that is!
    5. Etienne
      Hi Sarah,
      We are all fine thanks. Being a forgetful old sod I forgot to thank you for yours. Glad to read from your posts all yours are fine. Is there any chance Roman will grow out of his asthma?
    6. sarahecp
      Thanks for the rep Steve :)
      How are you, Puss and Shadow?
    7. buffie
      He has just this minute finally gone to sleep,we are both tired now,hope tomorrow brings more of the same ;) :D x
    8. buffie
      Steve ..thanks for thinking of Meeko but I really don't think he would like a companion,I don't think he would "share" his territory very well .
      I would love another cat but just don't think it would work.
      Since I sent you that last message he has picked up a fair bit and has been a right pain in the bum all afternoon :thumbup: nearly back to his old self.It might not last but I can hope.
      He has been in and out of his little run attached to the back door,something he hasn't done for the last couple of weeks so hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an approaching train :rolleyes: :D
    9. buffie
      Hi Steve Glad to read that Puss is okay,you could be right,if she isn't going out as much she wont be burning the calories ;) Doesn't take them long to forget their past does it ,or is it that they remember it only too well and don't want to go back ;) Bumble my semi-feral was the same as soon as he moved in he was a home boy :D
      Meeko is still not right ,I have no idea what is wrong with him,I'm beginning to think it is psychological as all tests can find nothing wrong.
      He is eating well but is still very quiet and sleepy although does have some "mad moments " when he will play but they are short lived and not very frequent.
      Hope 2014 is a good year for you,your father Puss and Shadow x
    10. buffie
      Hi Steve how is Puss doing hope she is okay now x
    11. SixStar
      Thank you for the rep :)
    12. buffie
      I suppose not knowing is maybe better,but if they were happy and on their way to a new home it would make it all worth while.
      We used to make an effort on Hogmanay and go round the neighbours always ending up at a friends house till 6/7 am but now we are boring old farts,we usually see in the New Year and then b*gger off to bed with all lights out just in case someone decides to visit ;) :D To be honest not many folks I know bother with it now,another custom dead and buried :(
    13. buffie
      Have you had an update on any of the cats you helped.Hope they are all doing well.
      All well here,just trying to get to grips with this Christmas lark :rolleyes: Shopping would be so much easier if everyone else just stayed at home ;)
    14. buffie
      Wow she made that easy ,didn't she,I would say she knew she was in safe hands and that you were never going to do anything that would hurt her.
      It must have been hard leaving her but she now has the chance of a happy future and will be safe and warm.
      That's 3 cats and a kitten in a much better situation than they were last week and it is all down to you and youi determination to help them.Thank you for caring and going the extra mile to make them safe.
    15. buffie
      Hi Steve,Its been really windy,Scotland was shut at one point :eek:Bridges closed,trains all cancelled etc.All quiet now but damned cold.
      How about your neck of the woods
    16. buffie
      Hope she co-operates and goes into the trap so that you can get this done without any drama's to put her off , if she is spooked she may not trust you for a while.
      Paws crossed it all goes smoothly and you manage to get her to safety soon.
    17. buffie
      Sorry to be so late with reply,I'm a bit of a soap/jungle fan so been watching TV.
      Pleased to read that there is a place for your ginger girl,but if I'm honest,I think they are being a bit cheeky expecting you to do all the work.
      I'm sure you wont mind doing it as you want her safe asap but they could be a bit more helpful.
      Hope this all goes well and you manage to trap her and get her to safety and hopefully a new home
    18. buffie
      That's a bit unfair especially as she said she was only waiting for the go ahead to place her in foster home,Hope you can find her somewhere to go poor girl,good luck x
    19. buffie
      Sometimes I think there are just too many regulations and red tape .
      I know they cant just go in all guns blazing but when the weather is cold,a foster home is available and a cat needs it,why hang about :( Hope it all goes ahead soon.
    20. buffie
      Wonderful news,fingers crossed she keeps this up , did the lady fro CP say how long it might take to get the go_ahead to take her in to foster care? Hopefully she will soon be safe and warm and on the road to her new forever home.Thanks for letting me know how it is going :)
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    June 8
    Design engineer
    My hobbies are gardening, watching tv for a few hours to unwind and teasing the cats.
    I only get to see my partner at the weekends as there is 140 miles between us but we have been together for over 11 years so it must be working. When I took Shadow on I had no intension of getting a cat but he was living rough and he was looking after two ginger kitten brothers and i am sure Shadow was not related. By Christmas 2010 I had 9 ferals coming to be fed and with the help of CP all were doctored. Some were kept and some had to be returned to living outside. CP were going to keep Shadow so I asked to have him. Puss Puss was only about 4 months old when I first set eyes on her on Christmas eve 2010 and she was one of the cats returned outside. She continued to come for food and now she has lost a lot of her feral instincts. She now lives with us since mid Oct `11 and She and Shadow are getting on so well.

    Being a good slave to my cats and growing Fuchsias


    Black with white around his private area

    Black Tortoiseshell

    R.I.P Patch my well behaved boy dog
    R.I.P. Abby and Rebel my beautiful litter sister cats
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