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Jun 10, 2019
Feb 7, 2008
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January 11
My ShihTzus slave

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PetForums VIP, from Manchester

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Jun 10, 2019
    1. Jen26
      Your welcome mate x
    2. Kaz65
      Hi Michelle been in touch with breeder she's going to keep him another week for me. I said Id ring her again nearer the time to see how he was doing and if she felt he was ok to leave his mum. Thanks for your help.
    3. Kaz65
      Thanks Michelle, I will ring her the day before to see how he's doing she may say he needs longer. She did reassure me that he could leave his mother at that age. But like I said puppies I have had in the past have been 8 weeks ++.
      PS your dogs are lovely
    4. Kaz65
      Hi Englihrose, I get my Shih Tzu puppy next Sunday. The lady I am getting him off said I can have him next week she said he will be 6 weeks old. I was quite surprised at her letting him go at that age but she said they can go to their new homes at that age. I told her I would ring her first just to make sure everything was OK and to see how he was doing with his weaning. What do you think? Someone told me you was a breeder yourself thats why I have asked you for your opinion. Thanks PS I have had dogs before but always had them from 8 weeks +
    5. Ladywiccana
      Your more than welcome!
      Ya know ya dont meant that pmsl. I wished i'd ad one of them now instead of ozzie, cos hes gettin rather big now lol:D
      hey hun, ive got a bit of a dilemma.. i took my dog to the bitches house, on the bitches owners request.. as far as we seen they didnt lock, the lady who owns the bitch was interfereing and distressing her bitch, so the following day, my mum left my dog there. we dont know if they locked, the lady is saying they never. No i didnt except payment as 'she' said they never locked. Is there any chance without locking the bitch could be pregnant??
    7. cav
      Any time hun-your dogs are lovely and you are always nice and friendly:)
      thanks for my pic comments...:):)
    8. cav
      hey how are you?
      been on your site and site and signed your guest book....:);)
    9. thedog
      Hi how's the new addition? and all the others? All is good here still fun and games with them both but think its all worth itxx
    10. cav
      hope she feels better soon xxx
    11. cav
      I have been on my hols..:D
      But i am glad be back with my dogs...:);):D
    12. cav
      hi how are you...:)
    13. Ladywiccana
      The trouble tho with oz is, He knows he's cute and knows how to use it too lol. Thought i'd better get the flowers in b4 he had a flower snack hehe, he
      does love the flowers haha.
    14. Ladywiccana
      thanks for the rep hun! Wil give you some back as soon as it will let me again lol.
    15. englishrose943
    16. Zoo_Keeper
      Omg your doggies are so cute! I want one.....
    17. cav
      Thank you for the nice rep....;)
    18. cav
      hi have put my advice in your thread?
      keep your chin up honey xxx
    19. Paula C
      Paula C
      bet u wished u never asked now! :-/
    20. Paula C
      Paula C
      I hadnt even noticed lol.......omg me a VIP 1st and last time ill ever be that im my life ha ha.....I'd be useless as a breeder lol I'd end up like cruella de ville wiv hundreds of em :-)
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    January 11
    My ShihTzus slave
    My Shihtzus, socializing and having fun


    Heres my website, take a look.www.freewebs.com/shellies-shihtzu[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
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