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Mar 20, 2021
Jun 4, 2009
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Mar 20, 2021
    1. M0nkeymac
      Hiya just joined the forum so new territory for me! I have decided to enter the world of dog grooming...given up my job of 20 years & a lot of money to get involved with what I love ...dogs! ;-) Signed up for level 3 nvq which I start in July...when completed I want to trade, like yourself, from my garage which I will convert. Can I ask...did you need planning permission? How serious a conversion did you do...I.e. walls floors water supply heating etc... And do you have a hydro bath to make life easier for water supply?..sorry for the questions but at least you have been there and done it and I would love to here how it's going for you :-)
    2. MerlinsMum
      Hi Emraa, didn't know you were on the Island - I'm over here in Pompey - can you see me waving???? lol I came over in April to visit the IOW Open dog show and had a great day out - must come over again soon and bring Merlin this time, have promised him a ride in a Hovercraft and I am sure he'll enjoy Ryde sands :)
    3. kerrybramble
      Did you decide which vet to go through? if so which one?
    4. westie~ma
    5. Emraa
      Bella's ears are certainly an ice breaker with other dog owners, she is known as the 'big eared dog' in my area I think!

      ps They are still growing too!!
    6. Rick
      Thanks for your comment, it's my favourite pic, I still laugh out loud when I look at it.
    7. Emraa
      Thanks Su, I think I am just going to stick it out and have a word with the trainer if she doesn't pass Bella soon!
      Your dogs are gorgeous! I love the little brown one's ears :)
    8. hobo99
      Hi, i love the pic of your dog .:)
      Look on the kennel club web site for the details of the bronze and silver , it sounds to me as if you can do a lot of the bronze already, i dont think your trainer is being very fair to you or your dog.:(
      Good luck, and have lots of fun with your lovely dog. su x:)
    9. rachel_babe10@hotmail.com
      I advice you to practise a routen for 20 minets a day and have a treat and sit there while she has been put in there and just keep patient untill she gives up and thne hand over the treat and let her out .. And then keep parctising this and when she is being good then walk out of the room and if you hear howling dont go back in untill she has stoped if this doesnt work i have more advice so t.b and let me now thanks .... rachel (:
    10. Emraa
      Thanks, she is adorable, but a little pickle too!
    11. westie~ma
      Bella is such a cutie xx
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