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Aug 12, 2017
Aug 9, 2017
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Aug 12, 2017
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    I'm Emma Jo and 21 years old. I have three dogs in California and my boyfriend and I recently just adopted a puppy from Saman, a local village here in the Dominican Republic. I'm currently living in the Dominican Republic with my boyfriend volunteering in local villages helping animals. While I'm staying here I'm trying to educate the general public about animal welfare. My boyfriend and I have a huge passion for all animals and we would love to show that animal welfare isn't just an American and European trait, but it's something that everyone and every country can pursue. We have recently started a fundraiser on, L.O.L.A.-Livable Opportunities 4 Lovable Animals, that aims to help animals through food, water, population control, vaccinations, etc. There's two ways to help a community, directly and indirectly. This fundraiser would help the communities indirectly because although my mission is aimed towards animals, it will also help people. Leptospirosis, also known as Weil's Disease, is a highly infectious bacterial disease that is transmitted to human's through the urine of infected animals. By raising money for this fundraiser, not only will I be able to help animals in the Dominican Republic, I will also be able to help the people of the Dominican.


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