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Feb 13, 2020
Feb 11, 2011
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Feb 13, 2020
    1. cinnamontoast
      Hoping everything is ok with your boy. X
    2. louiseatyeo
      Hope you don't mind me messaging you, I live in Chard and am looking for a ringcraft class for my 3 year old Wheaten Terrier. We tried Taunton a couple of years ago when it was at Stoke St Mary, but weren't very impressed with it. I saw in a post that I found on here that you were going to a ringcraft class back in the summer. Do you still go or have you found anything better, and if so where? Best wishes, Louise
    3. tcsghhtj
      Sorry if i seemed harsh. I never know who is one of them or not!! thank you for explaining. X
    4. springerpete
      Thank you so much Emma, I hope that's your name. I'm glad that you've found some of my posts interesting, I do worry sometimes that I may be upsetting people and I dont really want to do that, but sometimes I get so annoyed by simple problems geting blown out of all proportion, things that can be sorted with a little discipline seem to become huge issues when really all it takes is a little common sense. I'm glad to learn that you love Springers, I'm awaiting the arrival of my new springer pup, I'm told he's just on solids so it wont be long before I can pick him up. God, two pups to bring on at the same time, mad or what. You take care, your dog looks very nice by the way, Check out my album if you like Springers. Pete.
    5. Emmastace
      I really enjoy your posts and have used lots of your tips. I do regularly see a behaviourist, Jana, for Mia because she is so damaged and I have no experience with a dog that her kind of problems. I did have to go through a few until I found a good one though. Jana just uses good old fashioned sense and I mainly see her because she does the social walking so Mia gets to meet dogs and learn how to be one without all these other rubbish owners putting her back all the time. I love springers by the way. I was brought up with GSD's, my Dad bred them from the 1930's-1960's. I would never have anything but a gun dog of my own though. For me there is just something about them that other types of dog don't have.
    6. springerpete
      Thanks for the 'Like' Sometimes I feel that people make such hard work of bringing up dogs, but then, I guess my methods, that dont require therapists and 'Whisperers' are deemed old fashioned.
    7. Emmastace
      Hello you. Just spoken to 24 vet and they are happy to wait to see how she is in the morning. Will put fuller details on thread. Hope all is well with you x
    8. babycham2002
      Nice to see you
      Hope Mia is okay

    9. McKenzie
      How is Mia today? Forgiven you? :)
      I can't go to Jana this week as I am away but can't wait for next week!
    10. Emmastace
      yippppeeeeeee x
    11. babycham2002
      You won't believe this I actually had an email back!!
      He says he delivers round here around the 10th to 13th May,
      Can't wait.
    12. babycham2002
      I have emailed scott at dogfoodco and left message on his answerphone with an order
      Any idea how long I should wait before I start panicking?
      Thanks x
    13. leashedForLife
      yes, i did wonder - how did U know?!
      and that's a club i'll be happy to give the go-bye :lol: i wouldn't even go to their parties as a guest, not if they laid on champagne & 5-star cuisine; i'd rather meet happy dogs with happy owners,:thumbup: thanks all the same.
    14. babycham2002
      Thanks for all the info on what you got. Cant wait till I can start using his services :)
      Hope you had a nice bank hol weekend
    15. babycham2002
      Thanks or finding that out for me, just gotta get the freezer now!!!
      How much is the delivery if you dont mind?
    16. babycham2002
      No no it was me, thanks for remembering :). I am in Gillingham in Ken ME7 area
      Thank you
    17. Toppbloke
      Hi I live in bucks too and you mention a dog park in Hertfordshire, where would that be please?

      I have a Beagle, 23 weeks and want to do some off lead work as I'm a wheelchair user, for his protection as well as my mental well being too. I think these areas are perfect for training and security.


    18. Emmastace
      Ah........hadn't even thought of that one. Thank you for letting me know as I am a bit OCD about that kind of thing. I can relax about it now.....:lol:
    19. Wyrd
      My user name is said more like 'Word', as in the fates, not Terry Pratchett :)
    20. Eroswoof
      Hi hen, just asking you to jump in on the 'paddyjulies friday night rambling thread' it's really pointless but it's super cheerful and shows the daft people on the forum; thought you might like it :) just jump in and such, it might seem we all know each other but it's not like that at all hen :) it'll never ever turn in to an argument I guarantee :) but there's no sense or proper pet things in there at all :o

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