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Jan 25, 2015
Jul 10, 2008
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Leigh (near wigan) lancashire england
At uni, studying Bsc(hons) Animal behaviour and We

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PetForums Junior, from Leigh (near wigan) lancashire england

emmaluvsmango was last seen:
Jan 25, 2015
    1. coral.
      Hiya just passing through and thought i would ask, hows the budgie, you thought of any names yet :)
    2. coral.
      ah thats good :)
      it will take her a few days to settle in, but sounds like shes doing really well!
      yeah in a way i kinda hope she isnt claimed ;)
      i surpose its gonna be 50/50 werever she is or not.
      yeah shes been very lucky if you didnt take her in godknows what would of happened to her!
    3. coral.
      Hey no problem!
      ah thats good, you will have to see if they say anything,
      thats brilliant news :D

      Looking at 'his' beak, he is actually defintiley a 'she' so you have a female budgie :) Cause female budgies beaks are are a very light purply/brown colour just like hers, wherever my budgie Lenny he has a very blue beak -which indicates there always male!

      she has lovely colours, and i dont think shes that old, looks like she will be going through a feather mault soon, if shes already not, cause of the time of year :)
      you will have to keep me updated :)
      and if you need any help or advice!
    4. Horse and Hound
      Horse and Hound
      thanks! I think we have sorted it now, but it would be helpful if you did have her number just in case I ever do need one
    5. shannon_2009
      Hiya i also have a golden retriever can i add u to my friends list?

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    Leigh (near wigan) lancashire england
    At uni, studying Bsc(hons) Animal behaviour and We
    spending time with my animals, walking, swimming, bike riding, goin out getting drunk lol, spending time with my friends and bf, and shopping


    emma , mango (golden reteiever 10 years old) bobby (irish cob pony 4 years old) x-x-x [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
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