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May 21, 2013
May 14, 2010
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July 7
I forget...
Working with dogs and writing.

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May 21, 2013
    1. Fleur
      Thank you so much for the PM - That helps a lot, I'll pass the info on - it's a friend of my daughters, they hate the idea of claiming any sort of benefits as they don't want to be put into the 'lazy youth on benefits' catagory - I've told them not to be silly if they are entitled then they shouldn't worry.
    2. Fleur
      Thank you for your help on the Housing Benefits thread.
      My friend is 21 her partner is 23 they have no children - her partner has given up work to return to education so is taking a full time access course as of September. (although he was going to be let go soon anyway as they are reducing staff)
      He gets the full mobility allowence which I think is just under £50 he also gets a further approx £20 which I'm not sure what this allowence is called but I know it's the lowest rate my friend said according to the letter it's because he could fall when preparing hot food so he gets this to enable him to get 1 hot meal a day?
      My friend is contracted to 20 hours work but often works 35-40 but it varies each week (she never worked only her 20hrs) as she has to cover for her boss when the boss is off or has to go to other stores and area meetings (she works for a charity).
      They live in a 2 bed terrace in Gosport Hampshire.
      I really appreciate your help if you need any more info let me know.
    3. Javy
      I've sent a Facebook message to the person concerned but, unfortunately, they haven't yet replied. Would they be aware that there's a message waiting for them ? I haven't sent a 'friend request' because they won't know who I am so would probably decline it. I've got a feeling they just don't want to be 'found' so are just ignoring my message. It's very frustrating - so near yet so far !!
    4. BellaTia
      Please, can you tell me what breed the pups with meningitis were??? Please as if they were from the same litter I have a strong case to recover my money. Yours hopefully,
    5. BellaTia
      Hi, I would love a bit more info on the 4 pups you have seen with meningitis? Where they from what breed? Thanks.
    6. H0lly
      They really are the best breeders i would say, Otis is 6 months and 3 days old! It has gone soooooooo quick. Your OH is welcome to him,when he is being naughty next i will stick him in a box and post him LOL.
    7. Dogless
      No; no album - but a zillion pics on the recent alphabet thread and I'm always boring folk with my threads aren't I? :eek:. He has been sound asleep since the boarding experience!
    8. H0lly
      Winuwuk Boxers Home Page

      My next Boxer will be from Julie and Tim, Owners of Max 68 cc winning boy :). They are stunning fantastic quality Boxers. If i was allowed to would have one tomorrrow :) I know of a few others if you need any more contacts
    9. Dogless
      Thanks for all the nice comments about Kilo! You have prob had enough Red Bull though :eek: :yikes:.
    10. H0lly
      evening , a Boxer in the rain. I forced Dora out the door this morning and she looked at me as if i had just eaten her last pigs trotter !!, They are brilliant :) Currently snuggled on the floor ( the floor of all places i have been gifted the sofa :), It will be worth the wait, do you know what breeder you will be going to ? x
    11. IndysMamma
      thanks for the rep
    12. H0lly
      Red bull sends me insane also :) infact any energy drink does, Good luck sleeping x
    13. H0lly
      LOL and VVV comment below i saw that also and laughed

      Otis is nearly 6 months old now, If im honest i have been so so slack with training, He has fine re-call and the basics but thats it. Boxers are very easy to train tho.

      Male/Female- From experience i would say pretty much the same albeit Otis is a little bit more affectionate.

      I think having 2 is a great idea, NO WAY 2 puppies tho, i would be in a padded cell. :) x
    14. DoodlesRule
      LOL it isn't big & it isn't clever that told you!! never mind jack russell cross more like cross member lol
    15. H0lly
      Aww,She is fantastic today, thanks for asking, you would not even know she has had a major op!, She is such a idiot and i love her so much :). The only whining she is doing is because i wont let her wrestle with Otis :) x

      I love taking pictures of the woofs i get a little carried away sometimes LOL x
    16. H0lly
      Hello :) Hope your doing well, Dora is as i type being spayed :( Im beside myself with worry, Im sure she will be fine, cant wait to get my beautiful girl back, Otis is fine he is a very good boy.

      Ask as many questions as you need :) Happy to help x
    17. H0lly
      You on Facebook ? I have 1000000000000098407038 of pics of the woofs :) x
    18. Kat1703
      Ooooo - which course did you pick in the end? I started by doing the revision questions at the end and am now working through the module questions, will leave the module project until last. You'll love it - it's so interesting! Tonight am writing about behavioural characteristics of Burmese and British Shorthairs, love it :)
    19. Kat1703
      Hello EllesBelles! Was wondering if you had heard back from Compass yet? Course still going good :)
    20. Vickie1
      My last post to you has gone for moderation for no reason known to me. It was about his medication and other possible side effects. Thanks for your advice so far it is much appreciated...we'll give the ham a go.
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    July 7
    I forget...
    Working with dogs and writing.
    I work in a busy veterinary clinic, as a surgeon, and train assistance dogs. I love dogs, and always have a house full! I've also got two lizards.

    I'm currently moving to Hampshire...scary stuff!

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