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Oct 9, 2017
May 26, 2012
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PetForums VIP, from Hertfordshire

egyptianreggae was last seen:
Oct 9, 2017
    1. Etienne
      I know what you mean. I never have a problem giving the spot on but Shadow just ignores me for a few hours. Doesn`t bother Puss but hers is only half the strength
    2. Etienne
      They are fine but gave them their Advocate spot on last night so I had to make sure there was no reaction thank god lol
    3. sarahecp
      Thanks for the friends request :) x

      Hope you and your boys are well :)
    4. Etienne
      Hi ER how are you? I see you like this forum by the amount of posts that are mounting up lol.
      How are your two getting on, mine are fine and it is quiet right now as both of them are asleep lol.
      I notice your from Glasgow, do you know Dunoon as half my relatives come from there but I wouldn`t know any of them if I meet them in the street. Lost contact when my Mum died 26 years ago.
      Bye for now and keep well

    5. RabbitMonster
      Boys, eh? :rolleyes: Seeing Molls on Saturday hopefully, but that may not happen if Mom doesn't feel well enough to travel. Although I may just travel on my own, borrow the bus money and pay it back when I get paid on Monday. We'll see how it goes anyways.
    6. RabbitMonster
      Well hello :D How are you and the terrible two-some?
    7. Etienne
      Great news.
      Would you like to take on two more so I can have a break from waking up at 3.00 in the morning lol.

    8. Etienne
      How are you getting on with Tiny and Simba?
      Are they settling in with you ok?

    9. RabbitMonster
      You're more than welcome, I feel so terribly sad for both you and Sunflower. I'm sure she was thinking of you in her last moments, knowing how much she was and still is loved, and I bet she's at the Bridge now singing your praises and loving you back with all her little heart. I don't pretend to know how awful you must be feeling, but I do know that it will get easier with time, and your heart is clearly so big that Sunflower will send another beautiful little furbaby for you to love and adore like you would have done her. Chin up, and know that we are all here to support you during this sad time.
    10. RabbitMonster
      Glad to hear it. What was the weather like on the continent?
    11. RabbitMonster
      How was the holiday? :D
    12. Etienne
      Hi and thanks for friend request which I am pleased to accept. As I said in my post, enjoy your holiday. More than likely the three musketeers will still be in the rescue when you come back off holiday, so you have a hard decision to make. One thing that does concern me is your landlord, will he/she be happy with you having three kids running around the flat and if not what will you do if they find out? It would not be fair someone saying go for it as they do not know your personal circumstances but what you have done by asking this question on this forum has allowed you to see both sides of the coin, that may not make things any easier lol. Please keep in touch when you get back from your break and enjoy yourself.
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