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Jun 9, 2012
Mar 2, 2010
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Jun 9, 2012
    1. ad_1980
      Hello hun i have not heard from you in, well a long time. How is Sooty?
    2. poodlemad
      sorry havent been on for a very long time don't get the time these days thought i'd pop back for a read
    3. ad_1980
      We got Mika for £550. My cousins got their dog for £700something. I was shocked when mum told me how much their pup was but then she told me their breeder shows their dogs and everything which explained it more i guess......that or i got mika from a shite breeder, but i don't think so really. she was really nice and seemed to care a lot about her dogs. As mika is my first poodle i have no idea what the average price for a toy poodle would be - £850 my god....lol. I found out a few months ago, after looking at mika's 5 generation pedigree is that mika came from a line of Dakata Poodles Dakata - well his great grandmother was a Dakata poodle lol
    4. ad_1980
      Don't worry about the long message hon, i actually enjoyed reading your message :)

      i think if she ever breeds like in the future - like when i live on my own etc, i would love to have one of her puppies. As you know Mika is an apricot pup but i would love to have more of a red apricot. Mikas siblings were all dark red apricot. He didn't inherit all his dads colouring i'm afraid. The lighter colour he inherited from his mother - his personality too lol! Mad mad boy. I've just been at home today on a day off work, and it still amazes me even after a year how much energy a small dog like him has. I wish i had that much energy.
      How much is she selling her pups for out of curiousity?
    5. ad_1980
      hi emma. hows the puppy search coming along.

      i did contact mrs riddett by email as well, as mashy says and she said to call her as well. But from her reply in the email she sent me she seemed very good - i actualy emailed her for a former forumer here.
    6. mashabella
      Keep us updated!! I tried to contact Mrs Riddett by email before for a friend but she asked me to call her instead in her reply. However, the other breeder is very good with email so i am sure she will get back to you soon.
    7. poochimama
      Malfredos Poodles - Home my site
    8. mashabella
      lol you are getting a lot of help then!!

      i only asked cos i was curious whether they have litters around that time. do you plan to give them all a call?
    9. poochimama
      lol no worries
      we may be mating another bitch sometime this year a choc girl but we are looking for a nice black boy for her to mate with
    10. mashabella
      hi hun not sure if you got my last msg as heard your pm box is full.
      hope you will get a nice pup from poochimama. Just curious whether you contacted the two i mentioned?
    11. ad_1980
      i was going to say poochimama is online now :) seems she beat me to it to message you.

      and yes your inbox is fulllllllllllll!
    12. poochimama
      hi hun cant send u a private message ur inbox is full my email is [email protected] if you want to mail me Molly had pups yesterday..

    13. ad_1980
      hon if you are willing to travel all the way to Surrey i know of a breeder in Cobham - in fact she's my cousin's breeder. Very well known i think, and she also shows her dogs too

      her name is Anita Bax - if you go on the royal canin website and search for breeders you can find her details there.

      if you do call her and if she does ask you how you got her number don't tell her i gave it to you - say the kennel club gave you the details - that's how i originally got her details - i helped my cousin search for the pup!
    14. ad_1980
      i feel...very....left....out :crying:
    15. ad_1980
      are you and mashy conversing without me lol
    16. ad_1980
    17. ad_1980
      back off he's mine LOL

      I'm kidding. Really, thanks :) i think so too. :)
    18. ad_1980
    19. ad_1980
      he he well good luck.

      yeah mika messed a lot when it came to leaving him at night time (bed time) Thankfully with any luck he's grown out of that as we've had a lot of dry nights and odd wet ones but mostly dry.

      I have posted pics of mika on this forum. everywhere. lol! I'll find the links and post them to you :)
    20. ad_1980
      they are beautiful.

      Looking at other toy poodle pics (ive seen many) i do believe mika is the smallest of any toy poodle i've seen, that being said i think he's around the same size as max - or is it toby..i can't remember.

      But yours are adorable!!!!! awwwww!

      can i ask - did you/your mum have any problems toilet training wise with them - we've only just got sorted with mika - a year later lol
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    Mum has 2 toy poodles - the one in the picture is Max and he is 12 years old, and she has another called Toby who is a red apricot and is 7 years old.

    I've been around dogs all my life but as I am currently at university I don't have one of my own with me, but hopefully that will change this summer when I graduate!


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